What is left politics

What's left?

Being on the left is one political stance, in the social justice and equality are particularly in the foreground. But people also associate with left-wing values Formlessness, warmth, Proximity, spontaneity, the International and Cosmopolitan as well as the "You“.

Left stands for equality, justice, closeness, warmth, formlessness, the "you", spontaneity, the international and cosmopolitan

Right-left scheme

The political classification "left" originated Early 19th century in France with the Seating arrangements the National Assembly. On the left side At that time sat the supporters of the republic and the politicians who fought for that all citizens the equal rights should have.

On the right side sat the "Parties of order"which is essentially for the Preservation of the political and social conditions stood. This is still the case today and can also be observed in the distribution of seats between the parties in the German Bundestag.

What's left in 2018? (iNFORMR)

What is left-wing extremism?

As extremismThe authorities in Germany have been designating political attitudes and endeavors that they have since 1973 extreme edges of a political spectrum assign. The word comes from Latin and means "the utmost" or "off center“.

"Left-wing extremism" is one Collective name with the different (left-wing) currents and ideologies can be summarized under a generic term.

What does left-wing extremism mean (jup! Berlin)

"Left-wing extremists" reject with theirs Demand for radical equality the norms and rules of the democratic constitutional state and strive for one classless or domination-free society (also by means of revolutionary counter-violence).

The term "left-wing extremism" is ambiguous, open to interpretation and is handled differently. For example, left-wing extremism is often also seen as political Battle term abused.

Groups or persons with a left political stance would themselvesdo not call them left-wing extremists

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