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Studied in the USA with secondary school leaving certificate 2 posts

Posted: 06/16/11, 3:14 pm

Hello Calvin,

Some colleges in California can study only with a secondary school diploma, without having completed any training.
Check out the California community colleges we represent on our website. http://www.college-contact.com/studienp ... is_usa.htm

Most of them can study without a high school diploma if they pass the entrance test, the GED.

The test can be taken in test centers in Germany. http://www.prometric.com/GED/default.htm

At some colleges in California it is also possible to be accepted only with a secondary school leaving certificate (without training). No further entrance test other than the TOEFL is required, applicants only have to be at least 18 years of age. (e.g. at Diablo Valley College or the College of the Desert). You can find the subjects offered on the colleges' websites.

After two years, studying at Community College concludes with the \ "Associate Degree \", with which one can then switch directly to the third year of Bachelor's degree programs at American universities, provided it is a so-called "Transfer Degree".
So you can get a bachelor's degree in the USA within the regular study period of four years.

The associate degree alone is not recognized in Germany.

We therefore do not necessarily recommend this route.
If after one or two years of study you realize that you want to go back to Germany because you are homesick, the study is much more expensive than expected or for other reasons, the doors to study in Germany are closed to you. Only with a secondary school leaving certificate will you not be admitted to study in Germany. So if you want to come back after a while, you would have to start all over again and do your technical college entrance qualification or the Abitur in order to then be able to start studying.

The first two years of study at Community College cost approximately US $ 5-6000 in tuition fees. With living expenses etc. you are about 18,000US $ annually. The tuition fees at colleges and universities that you would have to switch to after the 2 years can range from US $ 13,000 to US $ 20,000 annually and more.

Best wishes