Are employees of the happiest heads happy

Ernst Neuner recalls that he always wanted to be a police officer, he never had any other career aspirations. The 46-year-old has been the head of the Freising police station since 2014 and has 70 employees.

A collegial management style is important to him, but he takes a clear line of what he expects from his employees. You can talk to him and come to him at any time, emphasizes the policeman out of passion. His employees are not there for him, but he is there for them and he is very proud of his team.

Neuner, who has always lived in Munich, began with a classic police training and drove on patrol for many years. Actually, he couldn't imagine anything else, he says - but at the age of 26, curiosity grabbed him and he signed up as a volunteer for a foreign assignment after the civil war in Bosnia. After that, Neuner went through pretty much all areas of the police service, knows the people from his time as a patrol officer, was with the criminal investigation department, the state security and the planning staff. His goal was never to be the head of a department and now to be responsible for the safety of 91,000 people, he never dreamed of that, he says. Somehow it worked out happily.

Neuner is the single father of a 17-year-old son, he enjoys working part-time and expresses great respect for all parents who have a family in addition to their job. in the SZ- Interview Neuner also tells about his experiences in investigating war crimes in Bosnia, why he likes to live in Munich and work in Freising and which principles guide him in his work.