What is a magic mantra


What is a mantra

Mantra is a short sentence, mostly in Sanskrit. One can develop spiritually or reprogram with the mantra. Mantras can be used in the context of hypnosis or self-hypnosis and in the context of autogenic training. Mantras can be the respective mother tongue, so it can also be German. In such a form, it is important that it is phrased correctly. It is usually formulated like this: "I am, I have, every day I am closer to ..." There are 3 points. "I am successful, I have enough time and resources, I am healthy, I have enough self-confidence, every day I am closer to success." If you repeat such sentences often or, best of all, write them down, they will solidify. Repeat them out loud before going to sleep, as well as after getting up. You can quit smoking or improve your health in general with such sentences. “I'm not a smoker, I meditate or practice yoga in stressful situations. I am rewarding myself with a spiritual book. "

Originally mantras were used in India and Hinduism. The mantra has through the OM started. The OM should originally be a vibration that once existed. It is said that in the beginning there was a vibration that was louder and was created by the material world. One believes in Hinduism that this OM comes closest to the original vibration and that is why one receives the mantras with the OM. A very well known mantra is that "Aum mani padme hüm". This mantra is repeated all the time in Tibet. It means: "I greet the sacred that exists in the lotus, in me." It is a thank you or a reminder that every person has an eternal soul. Here I guess another mantra in Sanskrit: "Om, So Ham Shri Deva Purisa Mahadevaja Namaha." "I am a great God who is always pure and stands above time."

One believes in meditation that one can purify oneself in the inner system by repeating such sentences. It is believed that Sanskrit is a sacred language that was created in such a way that the great soul could perceive certain vibrations in our inner being in early times. This is how the sacred language Sanskrit came into being. The sentences do not have to be in Sanskrit, they do not have to be difficult sentences, it is just important that you believe what you say repeatedly.

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For example, if someone is sick and you repeat the mantra: "I am healthy." internal conflicts can arise. You always have to say it as if it were the truth. In this case you could say: "I am my soul and my soul is always healthy." There are people who are unsure whether they even have a soul. In that case, it should be said that it's okay for you. "I'm getting healthier every day" or "My body and inner system have an inner intelligence and this heals me." Most importantly, morning and evening mantras are to be written down or spoken aloud. If you can't say it out loud, whispering is enough.

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Mantra is the repetition of short prayer. It should have a positive effect on our subconscious and bring us into a trance state. In a state where we feel the divine, not imagine it. It is about the intuitive inner state of love, gratitude and trust in which we give up our ego. We feel joy that has no material reason. The reason is the connection with the divine in other higher dimensions. Read more in our part about meditation.

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