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Best K-Pop Albums & Merchandise Online Stores

The die-hard kpop fans are all over the world. Which die-hard fan wouldn't want to get their hands on the official Kpop merchandise? However, international fans had a hard time getting their hands on the original Kpop merchandise and albums. The best part of life in the world today is that you don't have to travel thousands of miles on an expensive plane ticket. Just so that you can easily order online. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of the best Kpop stores online where you can buy high quality Kpop fan merchandise and albums. These online stores have been judged based on their customer service, product quality, ease of use, price, variety of items and reliability. Now you can choose the best platform for yourself. Whether you want to get the new official merch or pre-order your favorite kpop artist's new album, these online stores have your back.

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Best K-pop stores online

Where can I buy Kpop albums & merchandise online?


Daebak began his journey in 2015 with the Korean snack box subscription service Snack Fever in Los Angeles. After moving to Seoul in 2018, Daebak is now an international online shop for K-products and K-foods for K-pop, K-drama, K-lifestyle and K-characters.

Not only do they offer K-pop albums and merch, but K-beauty, K-fashion, and lifestyle things as well. You can find interesting things that you can't see on other websites, such as: B. Scorebooks for K-Dramas, magazines or technical accessories. I believe that in a couple of years they will grow and become an online hub for K-culture and products.

Shipping countries & prices

  • United States
    • Free Shipping - Orders Over $ 149 / $ 9.99 - Orders Over $ 70 / $ 14.99 - Orders Under $ 70
  • Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom
    • Shipping Fee: Free Shipping - Orders over $ 149 / $ 9.99 Orders over $ 70 / $ 19.99 Orders under $ 70
  • Australia, Estonia, Hungary, New Zealand, Sweden, Philippines
    • Shipping Fee: Free Shipping - Orders over $ 149 / $ 15.99 - Orders over $ 70 / $ 29.99 - Orders under $ 70
  • Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Colombia
    • Shipping Fee: Free Shipping - Orders over $ 199 / $ 25.99 - Orders over $ 70 / $ 39.99 - Orders under $ 70


Kpopshop offers free shipping worldwide and gives away to its customers when they sign up for the newsletter. They handle a wide variety of K-pop fan merchandise. From official glow sticks to K-pop albums, you can find everything here. In addition, there is a separate article for the young K-Pop fans, which you can find under the category “Kpop for Children”. They all wear original merch clothes, cell phone cases, CD players, posters, and various other bells and whistles. You can shop through the official website!

Best products from Kpopshop


Yesasia is known for its fast, flexible and reliable customer service. Have you decided to change the color of the hoodie you ordered? Any other last minute changes? Don't worry, Yesasia has your back. The store consists of a wide variety of official K-Pop merchandise. Not only do they deal with Korean wave stuff like K-Pop Idol merchandise and K-Drama DVD, but you get Japanese games and cartoons too. Hence, it is a perfect site if you are interested in East Asian culture. In addition, the store offers free shipping, which adds to their reliability. However, the only problem with this website is that as an international customer it can take a long time to receive your goods. The online shop is Gaon certified, accepts all major credit cards and also receives payments via PayPal.


This is also one of those budget friendly online kpop album stores. And it's also the best place to buy Kpop merchandise online. Depending on what you buy, the online shop offers you different shipping options. This means that the more goods you buy from this website, the higher the shipping fee. This is negative, but at least you don't pay double the price unlike other online stores. In addition, you can also pre-order albums at Ktown4u. All of your items are delivered carefully packaged as the online shop wants its customers to receive the goods in top condition.


Mwave is led by CJ ENM, the largest entertainment company in Korea that leads the industry in cultural content such as film, K-pop, TV show and drama. What makes Mwave stand out is the fact that you can buy authentically signed albums from their store. However, there is no guarantee that the signed album you want will always be available as stocks rotate over time. So if you find the signed album that you're dying to buy, get it ASAP. The online shop also sells various other printed matter such as postcards, etc.


If you're looking for something nice as a small gift for your friends or kids who love K-Pop, custom printed T-shirts by K-Pop artists are your best bet. There are tons of different styles of t-shirts from many K-pop groups such as BTS, black, Seventeen, etc. However, they only ship to the US and Canada.

KPop Merchandise Online

The hottest and trendiest products are sold worldwide at Kpop Merchandise Online. Surprisingly, they offer free shipping worldwide and have two offices in Australia and the US. Kpop Merchandise Online offers a full satisfaction guarantee, real customer service and an easy return policy. They offer so many kinds of goods such as light sticks, photo cards, accessories, clothing and albums from Kpop and K-Drama. You can buy Bts Merch, Blackpink Merch, EXO merch, Stray Kids Merch, Mamamoo Merch, Monsta X Merch, and many more.


This online store not only has official merch for sale, but you can also pre-order kpop albums. Initially, the store also sold signed kpop albums, but they stopped due to bad experiences. Kpopmart focuses on providing its customers with the goods in perfect condition, which is why the items are packaged very carefully. Plus, Kpopmart has a wide range of official kpop merchandise for a reasonable price, which is always a plus. Similar to Yesasia, the goods will take their sweet time before arriving at your doorstep. The best part is that you can get a picture of your goods before they are shipped. So that's a relief.

Here you can find many kpop-related items such as clothing, old albums, new albums, posters, picnic sets, magazines, jewelry, stationery, key rings, bags, mugs, glow sticks, badges, calendars, cosmetics and much more. The online store sells both unofficial and official K-Pop merchandise. The selection isn't as wide as the other K-pop stores online, but it's still good enough. The online shop also accepts payments via PayPal and other major credit cards.


Various kpop goods at an affordable price. This phrase defines your experience of shopping with Kpoptown. The price of the products depends on the merch. The best thing about this online store is that buying the items in bulk will save you money. That's great. It is one of your basic kpop stores on the internet that offers its services and goods with ease and at very affordable prices. In addition, the online shop is Hanteo / Gaon certified and the website is easy to use. The only problem is that the online store receives payment through PayPal. If your country doesn't support PayPal e.g. B. Pakistan, all you have to do is select another online shop from the list.


Gmarket is mainly focused on bringing the best quality Kpop music albums to fans. That said, you can also find a wide variety of typical official kpop items like clothing, plush toys, stationery, posters and accessories, etc. The best part is that you can get the old kpop albums here too. Another feature that makes G-Markt one of the best online kpop stores are the daily discounts, deals and sales. As with all other online shopping malls, shipping costs depend on the number of items you have purchased. The more products you buy, the lower the shipping costs. Isn't that amazing? However, one disadvantage of this online store is that some of the products are listed in Korean. However, you can use google translate. Problem solved.

Gmarket sells both official and unofficial kpop merchandise and accepts payments through PayPal and all major credit cards. You can also access the website in three languages ​​in Korean, English and Chinese. Gmarket is to Koreans what eBay is to the United States of America. This means that you will receive the goods from different sellers. So you are the one who has to find the best product at the best price. This also means that prices and services also vary. One hack to get the most out of this online store is to go through the Korean product lists as they offer comparatively better deals. In G-market global, you can find tons of Korean products like clothing, beauty products, housewares, groceries, etc.!


COKODIVE is one of the best places to buy K-pop albums online. They are based in South Korea and the most exciting thing about the shop is that they ship worldwide for FREE. I don't know how they do it, but it's great. They offer various merch, fashion and beauty items and most of the items are related to BTS or BT21. Here you will also find the product “Learn Korean with the BTS Book Package”.

Additionally, they have pretty clear categories for kpop albums so you can find yours in no time.

  • Shop by groups
  • Hot groups
  • Solo shop
  • Film & Drama OST


The online store is known for its reasonable prices, cute and safe packaging, and efficiency. This is definitely your best bet if you are looking to buy kpop merchandise on a budget. The variety of this online store is definitely not as great as that of the other stores mentioned in the list, but you will always find the newly released official kpop merchandise at Catchopcd. You cannot find the older albums here, nor can you pre-order the new albums. They also charge for shipping, but you can find the kpop fan merchandise at a significantly lower price which is a plus. Again, it's one of those basic kpop stores online for people on a budget. In addition, Catchopcd occasionally has sales, specials, and discounts. So keep an eye out for that. The shop accepts payments with all major credit cards and PayPal.

Other online stores

You can also buy the official Kpop goods from various other reliable online stores such as eBay or Amazon. They are available at somewhat affordable prices and ship worldwide. The problem, however, is that they sell the items through different sellers, so you never know what condition your package will arrive in. In addition, you really need to find out the best quality of the product that is affordable and reliable.

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When do you place your order? Remember to follow all safety precautions as you would if you were shopping online. Also, check out one of the must-buy items from Korea. best korean face masks and cosmetics below. Have fun shopping!