What if I call the police

112 - What if I call the police?

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If you are currently under threat or see someone else being threatened or beaten, call the police on your mobile phone on the European emergency number 112. It's free and works even without credit.

However, informing the police also always means - in cases of violence - that a report is made. Victims and witnesses are questioned by police officers, including the accused. Before deciding on an advertisement, it makes sense to visit a counseling center to find out what to expect and to organize process support.

The process facilitator can already support you with the report and accompany you during the interrogation.

You can find the associations that offer process support here >>>


Further information (from phantom images to ID cards ...) about the Austrian police can be found at www.kinderpolizei.at

Sometimes you come across pages on the Internet that scare you. For example, those that depict violence, racism or pornography. Then you can email the address of these pages to the police registration office. You do not need to give your name (anonymous): The email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots! You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

More information on this is also available at www.stopline.at