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Can I get a visa without a declaration of commitment or with a declaration of commitment without the creditworthiness of my host?

You can also get a visa without a declaration of commitment. Then you have to prove that you are able to finance your trip yourself. You can do this using

  • Credit card statements from the last three months OR
  • Bank statements from the last three months (salary accounts, pension accounts are also accepted)
  • Account statement of a branch of the ProCredit Bank with the credit limit adapted to the visa validity (is only suitable for a single-entry visa; usually at 45 euros per day of stay per person; this amount must be available by the start of the journey). The embassy reserves the right to check the account balance before the start of the journey.

Please also refer to our information sheets.

You will also have to pay for health insurance yourself.

What options do I have to prove that I have financed my stay if ProCredit Bank refuses to open an account?

The embassy has no legal control over the business practices of the privately-owned ProCredit Bank. Proof of funding provided for by the Community Visa Code and specified in the Embassy leaflet is available to you. Regardless of this, you are free to apply for the visa with documents that differ from the information sheet and to insist on acceptance with such documents. For the financing, you must have sufficient funds of at least 45 EUR / day, which during the trip to cover the costs of accommodation, to cover the cost of living, both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return journey to the home or country of residence or for transit to a third country must be proven to the embassy. The embassy will examine these documents openly.

I have a declaration of commitment in which a security deposit is entered. What does this mean for the visa procedure?

In this case, the visa will only be issued with one entry. If you want a multiple-entry visa, please also provide evidence of your financial situation. Particularly suitable here are bank statements from the last 3-6 months, which show what income you have per month and that you can afford several stays abroad.

Please note that the immigration authorities need proof that you left the Schengen area in good time before the visa expired so that the deposit can be paid back to your host. To do this, speak to the embassy in person with the letter from the immigration authorities (border crossing certificate) and your passport after the visa has expired. You can find more information on this here

I have received a declaration of commitment that is valid for 90 days / 6 months, but would like to apply for a visa for 2 years, is that possible?

Yes. However, only the first 90 days are financially secured by the declaration of commitment. For the remaining term of the coveted visa, please also provide evidence of your financial capacity. Particularly suitable here are bank statements from the last 3-6 months, which show what income you have per month and that you can afford several stays abroad.

How long is my host's / invitation's declaration of commitment valid?

The embassy accepts letters of commitment - as a rule - up to 6 months after they have been issued.

We are a company and would like to commit to a guest, how does that work?

Please take a look at our information sheet. As a rule, we accept a written invitation from corporations with a share capital of at least 25,000 euros without any problems.

Partnerships and corporations with a share capital of less than 25,000 euros, please contact the responsible immigration office and submit a formal declaration of commitment or your guest can provide evidence of his or her own financial resources.

Please write in your invitations accordingly "... we undertake to cover the costs according to §§ 66 - 68 Residence Act ..."

Frequently, the embassy has to reject invitations that state that "... the content of §§ 66 - 68 AufenthG ..." or "... knows and confirms the content of §§ 66 - 68 AufenthG ..." - es It goes without saying that the embassy cannot accept such invitations.

Content of §§ 66 - 68 Residence Act

Our company has invited customers several times and is known to them. Why do we have to submit all documents relating to our financial standing with every visa application?

Due to the existing regulations, the embassy is not allowed to save to the hosts. The documents you submitted when you invited a customer beforehand will be kept at the embassy in the respective visa application and not sorted by company. They must therefore be submitted separately for each customer.

The embassy thanks you for your understanding.

What should we do if, for example, a name is misspelled in the declaration of commitment?

As long as the identity of the invitee and the invitee can be determined beyond doubt, a spelling of the name that differs from that in the passport does not lead to the rejection of the declaration of commitment.

What are Relationships?

The embassy checks the plausibility of the application before issuing a visa.

For this purpose, the embassy checks whether there is actually a family relationship between the inviting person and the invited person.

As a rule, you can prove that you are related to a person by means of the relevant birth and marriage certificates. E.g. the relationship to your brother or sister through the presentation of your birth certificate and that of your brother / sister. From this you can see that both people have the same parents or a common parent.

Have z. For example, if you or your sister changed your name due to marriage, you would also have to present the respective marriage certificate.

Please note that the documentation of cousins ​​and other extensive relatives is VERY time-consuming.

As a rule, proof of kinship is only required on the first trip. In the case of subsequent trips to the same host who is your relative, there is no need to submit proof of kinship if the family relationship has not changed. However, if there are any doubts about the purpose of the trip, the embassy reserves the right to request proof of kinship for subsequent trips as well.

What is an informal invitation and what should it look like?

When applying for a visa to visit family members or acquaintances, you will be asked to submit an informal invitation from the person being visited.

An informal invitation must be in German and should contain information on the purpose and duration of the trip.

An informal invitation can be handwritten or created by computer, it must be signed by the family member who is directly related to the guest (visit of family members / extended relatives) or by the acquaintance who is visited (acquaintance visit) Signature is not required.

How long does it take to process a visa application?

According to Article 7 of the Visa Facilitation Agreement, the diplomatic missions and consular institutions of the Member States decide on the visa application within 10 calendar days of receipt of the application and the required documents.

The deadline for deciding on an application can be extended to up to 30 calendar days in individual cases, especially if a further examination is required.