Is there really mind control

Mind control? Not really, right?

Twister (Bettina Winsemann)

Periodically, politicians and scientists (for various reasons) dream of mind control. Of course only out of r-e-i-n louder trains of thought. But ... isn't that a little late?

"I don't think I'm here at all."
"But it's okay."
That, almost sounding out of a kitsch novel, were the first sentences that fell between them. And if anyone is interested in who they are: that is none of your business. That will probably interest most of you - this typical: who was she, who was he? (Why he and her anyway?) But the "who" only refers to the outside anyway. How old, how looking, what music does he listen to, what films do she watch, what do they have in common? Noticed the trick? The "common" has a special position because it is not external. But that doesn't even matter here. But it sounds nice, doesn't it? It satisfies the usual cravings for gossip, for something spicy.

I tried to talk about Marx and Engels, God and Angels, I don´t really know what for ...


The introduction sounds more interesting or more dramatic than the whole thing actually was.
(And: hey, notice: the whole thing is a story, right?)
No no, the two of them never met at any funky raves and threw drugs, there was no visit to the swingers club, no homely trip to the SM fetish rendezvous, it was something completely banal. But I'll tell you anyway, okay? Because it's a little a little amusing, and I think maybe that's why you're interested. Because - admit it calmly - we are all a little curious and voyeuristic, right? Not bad. But in order to understand why the whole thing is interesting at all, I have to go back a little further. (Pulling out cigarette)

* puuuuuuuuuh, take a breath *
I have to go back to 2008. Not a great year, honestly not. After a supposedly great verdict on the online search and a few actions by civil rights groups received attention, it quickly became clear that both were a farce. A highly hyped "civil rights activist" disappeared first more or less sang and soundlessly only to briefly open up as a psychological wreck and finally end up in the Thames with way too much grain in her stomach, a few NGOs fought bitterly and others broke up. But important: the above dialogue took place and - that was the amusing thing about it - the whole thing had quite a meaning without anyone even noticing it. Because aren't there cramped meetings every day?
But already in 2008 the course was set so that not only acts or planning were punishable, but rather the considerations for planning, the thoughts on them. Of course, those who brought this into connection with Orwell's 1984 were taken just as seriously as people who could not distinguish between routers and fashions or whose emails regularly made the impression that they were created under drugs. Sure, all of this (i.e., the monitoring and testing of the modems, etc.) happened in the course of research and science, only paranoid people had fears, but who says that paranoid and madmen can't think too? ;-)

2008 was a bad year, no question about it. Everything "went down the drain", civil rights activists left and others gave up, but it was a year that now, in hindsight, decided. Does that sound strange? Then I'll try to explain it using an example. In 2008 some decisions were made. No, not I decided anything, don't get this wrong. But it decided that the laws would no longer have any effect, that intimidation would no longer work. I won't explain why, it's none of your business, you curious people ;-) But it was like that. All of these "we know what you think", "we will watch you" and "we will crack your computers, raid your homes, intimidate you, take you prisoner, torture you, imprison you, you ..." no longer worked .

Actually it started very slowly, with people who said succinctly "noe, no more wanting to go to the panopticon" or "I don't care", but it went on. And that's why the "I don't know why I'm here" came up. One of those weird things that came out of "I don't care". The strange thing about it all was that technology was definitely advancing and, in fact, people had to live with raids for mundane things, others with intimidation; Razor blade letters and threatening letters found their way again. But on the other hand - if I may allow myself this little comment: despite all the intimidation by some exploiters, emails with a "You are my friend, this is my favorite song for you" also found their way, regardless of whether the whole thing was okay in terms of copyright or not. But apart from that, there was increased resistance and intimidation, both at the same time. Cat and mouse. And someone who has always been in favor of surveillance and advocated "law and order" did not back down, but realized that it was enough to speak his mind to experience many, many disadvantages. And maybe that was the bottom line.

It is difficult for me to understand how all the changes have actually come about to this day, to the many things that have not been implemented. Today's year already sounds strange, I didn't think I would see 2030. Other things have also been said once and that proves once again that predictions should not be believed. In any case, now it's 2030 and it's funny that bells are about to ring, that it's snowing and that the old things are still on on TV (even if in better quality than before) like many years ago.

A lot has happened in these 22 years and a lot of it has happened precisely because back then, in 2008, at exactly that point in time when someone said "I don't think I'm here" something had long since begun that none of them had already started Mind-reading fanatics had reasoned that someone who was considered paranoid had long been involved in this and was preparing for it. People (not really involved at all) were asked to save mail (or hoped they would), people were emailed to talk to them more often, others were asked to stay away - and it was all so absurd so crazy, so absurd that it only cost the "watchers" a frown, a roll of their eyes. Film quotes, music titles, associations, various comments and considerations - all of this resulted in a mélange that ultimately only allowed one conclusion: not worth monitoring as not worth evaluating.

I was lucky (or unlucky) to see it all without really knowing what it was about. I can only tell you now and explain it only now (if it is correct at all, because I cannot know that - and of those who do know, both are ... you can guess it) I don't even know if it was really on purpose, but it worked. And, when I think back, it also worked for all those who only thought (and often announced this) that they only write emails, pass on links, talk to others, etc. But maybe the clever thing about it was: them saw themselves as totally unimportant, as people who did nothing at all, as people who at most watched, who didn't really count. Nobody saw themselves as important - except for a few people and they made a completely strange impression. Back then I honestly thought: sorry, but you should be behind bars, you have real problems.

And now I think: man, you all played an important role in this mind chess. Because actually it was about that. Who can anticipate which steps, who can prepare so cleverly for them? And many didn't even think that their horse's hoofs mattered. But it was just so important to jump back and forth.

By the way: In 2011 the PCs were confiscated from one of the two from 2008 and - although encrypted - all emails could be read. Only later did it become clear that one of the BKA people had been thinking of this moment since 2004 and that the BKA boss, for various reasons ("we need this"), did nothing to prevent the results of the forensic investigation from being published "by mistake" were.

That started what ends today. Or maybe just begins. In any case, the whole mind control or even the idea of ​​it is obsolete - all plans, ideas and master plans have long been spread around the world and even in the last poor country everyone now has a 1-cent laptop. That's why all the plans to expose the critics, all the ideas that the critics had and that came true, all the various ways to defend yourself against criticism without arguments, have long been on every laptop, every mobile phone, every GPS and every Internet -Nice jewelry in the world. Every navel piercing pings it to the other that since 2001 more than just something has been lying, that so much has been manipulated, etc. And thanks to the piercing and e-tattoo lust of people, it should be difficult to deny yourself this truth. I mean what's worse. To fear that a powerless secret service will cause you problems because someone says "I'm fed up" or to fear that your own butt accent (or ass antlers) will cause you pain because of the iPoTruth function because you are dishonest? Not to mention the other parts of the piercings.

I don't know if it's a coincidence that the two people I saw today (not together, far apart) were the two with whom the story began. He looked happy, surrounded by a crowd of families. She looked happy too. And - no, they have nothing to do with each other. Did you notice it? The end and the beginning have a gap. Because doesn't it matter who they are? I think so.

Back in 2008, when I was one of the two people, I secretly heard "Emma" from Sisters of Mercy. And that's what I'm hearing now - 22 ... oh, well, a little more ... years later. (I see a couple of colored lights, it is New Year and thus 23 years later, a pity, I would have thought I would have been spared, but I was too slow, so only the clumsy year pod remains)

It still has its charm and a lot has changed. And when someone pulls on a hat, it's a bit like in the series "The Three-Legged Rulers" - he feels like metal (she feels like metal. Everyone is used to it in the hats, scarves, gloves and all the other items of clothing - up to the slip - to feel a chip) But somehow he also knows that there is no more metal. And myself, I take my old, moth-eaten coat, old scarf and old, still eye-catching earrings and go out. I'm still lonely, but it's so nice to see people who just act the way they want me to, that I quickly forget. And a little further away, through the snow, I hear "Would you carry the torch for me"? and I think that's still a wonderful question today). And - hey, just between us: over there is someone I know and I think I'll say hello today :-) It's a little late, well, but I can still tell him that I'm there and that I like him, right?

And if any politician says you have to hang up some cameras again, I'll throw a few snowballs in his direction and hope that he over there will throw with me. ;-)

And I feel a little like in the song "I don´t exist when you don´t see me". But maybe something goes wrong and I can do something and just exist again.

Or someone really carries a cheap flashlight in front of me and says, "You can be safe and go forward."
"Would you walk upon the water if he could not walk away?
And would you carry the torch for me? "
I would.
No matter who you are.

Good night - wherever you are (based on "Happy Harry" on "Hart auf Sendung" and the Sisters of Mercy "Torch")

Twister ;-)

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