What does an incompetent INTJ look like

commander personality

Your time is limited. Don't waste it living others' lives. Don't let dogmas lock you up. This would mean living by the conclusions of others. Do not allow the noise of public opinion to silence its own inner voice. And always have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. Your heart and your intuition have an unerring sense of what you want to be in life. Everything else is secondary.

Steve Jobs

Commanders are leaders by birth. People with this personality type have charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that mobilizes crowds towards a common goal. In contrast to their more sensitive counterparts, the protagonists, commanders are often characterized by a ruthless degree of rationality. They use their dynamism, determination, and sharp mind to achieve goals that they have set for themselves - no matter what. Maybe it's a good thing that commanders make up only three percent of the population. Otherwise, there is a risk that they would displace the more shy and sensitive personality types that make up the majority. However, we have to thank the commanders for many of the companies and institutions that we take for granted every day.

Happiness lies in the joy of success

Commanders love nothing more than a good challenge, big or small, and they strongly believe that with enough time and resources they can accomplish any goal. This mindset makes commanders excellent entrepreneurs. You have the ability to think strategically and keep long-term goals in mind, but at the same time carry out detailed steps with conscientiousness and precision. This makes them powerful business leaders. The determination of the commanders often develops its own dynamic. Where others despair and give up, they achieve their goals with sheer willpower. Their social skills mean they can motivate and involve others and that they often achieve spectacular results.

When negotiating, be it with business partners or when buying a car, commanders are dominant, adamant and ruthless. Commanders are not naturally cold-hearted or malicious. However, they enjoy the challenge of intellectual competition and their superior quick-wittedness. If the other side cannot keep up, that is no reason for them to distance themselves from their basic motive of success.

The following sentence would be indicative of the way commanders think: “I don't care if you call me a heartless bastard, as long as I'm a successful bastard.

Commanders respect those most who are able to compete with them spiritually and act with a precision and competence equal to theirs. However, commanders also need to understand that even the greatest geniuses cannot do everything on their own. Fortunately, they have a special ability to recognize the talents of others. This helps them put together teams of employees and prevents them from developing too much arrogance and vanity. Commanders tend to denounce the failures and mistakes of others in a very tactless manner and this often gets them into trouble.

The science of human relationships

The expression of feelings is not a strength of any personality type in the analyst spectrum. The distance between the commanders and their feelings, however, is particularly evident because of their social role and is directly perceived by a much larger group of people. Especially when dealing with colleagues, commanders will ruthlessly trample on the sensitivities of those they see as inefficient, incompetent or work-shy. Commanders see emotional outbursts as a result of weakness, but such an attitude can easily make enemies. You should remember that well-functioning teams are essential to the success of the business and that they need feedback from employees in order to assess their own performance. Oddly enough, commanders are very receptive to such feedback.

Commanders are powerful personalities and develop an aura that is larger than life. And often enough they comply with this claim. Commanders need to be aware that their reputation is based not only on their own actions, but also on the actions of their teams. Hence, it is important to recognize the contribution, talents and needs of your employee base, especially from an emotional point of view. Some commanders may have to fake their emotional commitment. However, if they are able to combine emotional engagement with their many strengths, they will be rewarded with deep, satisfying relationships and ongoing success.