When did you fuck a sentence

Reading sample: Gustav Ernst - "Separations."

You said it was over, I say. We are driving along the Lungotevere, at the height of the Palace of Justice. It is, says my wife. When, I say. Now, she says. You said that before, I say. But really and definitely now, she says. Always anew, really and finally, what, I say. Please, she says, I didn't say it definitively back then. And what will you not have said the next time today, I say. There is no next time, she says. No i say. No, she says. You said that last time too, I say. How often have you fucked with him now, I say, can that still be determined? Twice, she says. Twice a day, I say, or what. Now listen to me, she says. I listen to you all the time, I say. All I do is listen to you, I say, and you do nothing but fuck. Isn't it true, she says. I know it's over, I say. Exactly, she says. I always hear the sentence, it's over, I say. Then it's fine, she says.

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