Are you over your first love

Forgot your first great love? You can do it with these 17 steps

Forgetting your first great love can be very difficult. The first great love introduces you to the feeling of what it is like to be in a romantic relationship. If you find it difficult to get over your first great love, then that's perfectly normal. Most people have problems with that.

But don't worry, in this article you will learn 17 steps that will help you get over great love! So not just about that first great love, but also about other forms of infatuation.

Overcome lovesickness? Read on here!

1. Forget your first great love - Do not forget that there is no time limit

One should be aware that there is something like a Time limit does not existthat you need to get over a great love. 'Time heals all wounds'They say so beautifully, and it really is, but sometimes you can feel pressured to process something faster than you can.

Some people feel ashamed of the fact that months or even years after their first relationship, they still feel like they haven't gotten a step further. You shouldn't forget that this is not a bad thing! Take all the time to close the old wounds heal.

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2. Stop being intimate with the person you want to leave behind

Either physical as well as emotional Intimacy is not beneficial if you want to forget your first great love. If you do this anyway, you will have to go through the whole grieving process again.

Physical intimacy also encourages feelings of connection and affection.

Women in particular will feel this way because they produce the hormone oxytocin, which triggers exactly such sensations. That way, it will become even more difficult to get over a person. Emotional intimacy can also be very risky. It represents a deep connection and also makes it very difficult to break away from the person in question.

3. Let your feelings perceive you

Don't block your negative feelings. It is totally normalthat you are sad, angry and hurt. You definitely have to go through this grieving process, with all associated emotions such as denial, anger, guilt, depression, despair, false hopes and everything else that goes with it.

These emotions often move like a circle. Sometimes you think that you are over the mountain, but then all of a sudden you are overwhelmed by certain feelings. This way one can get the impression that the pain will never end. However, you should try to deal with such feelings in the right way. Accept these emotions as they are.

4. Delete your ex from your social media and cell phone

Today we are literally bombarded with other people's lives. It is child's play to follow the rest of your first love in life. The problem with this, however, is that by doing this you are not giving yourself the space to admit yourself heal.

If you're having a hard time letting go of someone, consider removing them from your social media and phone.

Maybe this is something you don't want under any circumstances, but often the best isn't always something comfortable for you. Do not forget that you are doing this for yourself and not for someone else. By constantly tracking what your ex is up to, your emotional wounds will never close.

Your wounds won't heal. And when you have deleted the ex from the cell phone after all, you will become monstrous afterwards strong feel.

5. Throw away physical memories

Deleting the person from your phone and social media is important, but it shouldn't stop there. There is probably still a lot at home that you think of your first love remind. You should do all of these things remove.

Of course, you can also give the things back to your ex instead of throwing them away. Or you pack everything up and hide it in an inaccessible place such as in the attic or in the basement. This way you can avoid throwing away something you might regret later.

6. Forget your first great love - love yourself

If you want to forget your first great love, it is always so easy to find the fault assign. It's easy to convince yourself that you weren't good enough for the person or your relationship.

Even very confident people can be affected by these sensations, so you shouldn't be too strict on yourself.

It is important to realize that your worth is not tied to any other person or relationship. You are someone too! No matter how hard you might tell yourself, yours identity isn't - and wasn't - tied to your past relationship. Like yourself is probably the most important thing to do after a relationship breakdown.

7. Write down how you feel

Things that move you to write downis just great. Halten Holding on to your feelings ’might sound a bit like a TV program from the 90s, however, this form of processing has really great healing properties. Write down how you feel and then read over what you have written.

By getting your feelings down on paper, you can help yourself find the perspective to change and look at things from a different perspective. It is also very helpful to make a list of all the things that irritated you about your great love.

We tend to romanticize the past, which often makes it appear better in our memories than it actually was. By writing down all the negative things, you will continue to remember that part of the past and it will help you if you have another setback.

8. Use your energy for something positive

At some point there will be a point where you will have to take control of your life again. If you still don't feel like going out on a date or social contacts to maintain, you can do it with one Exercise routine to attempt. Go jogging, hiking, or biking. This will help you get your endorphin going again.

In addition, you can also wonderfully clear your head in this way, come to rest and reduce stress. What is also very helpful in being able to forget your first great love is to seek the closeness of other people who love you. These people will remind you that love isn't just limited to romantic relationships. Love can also be given to you by family members and friends.

9. Don't cling to your anger and guilt

While of course you shouldn't ignore your negative feelings, it can also be harmful to you and others if you cling to your anger and guilt for too long. If you keep telling others fault to everything, you only become yourself all yours force rob them and give them to the other person.

This will not do your recovery well; it will take much longer to forget your first great love. You should also always keep in mind that no one is the only to blame, no matter what happened that led to the end of the relationship.

10. Don't think too much about the past

Of course everyone will about it fantasizewhat he could have done better. Maybe you regret something you said or did. With thoughts like this one inevitably wonders whether everything would not have turned out very differently if one had not said or done this or that.

However, this does not lead to anything, because what has happened has happened and nothing can be changed about that.

So don't think too much about the past. Rather, dedicate yourself to things that will calm your mind. Yoga or meditation techniques are very helpful here. But other ways can also help you to divert your thoughts and concentrate on other things, such as a hobby or sport.

11. Realize that your first great love was nothing out of the ordinary

The first great love can be a really mind-boggling experience. But people tend to have strong initial experiences no matter what area romanticize. Your first relationship probably wasn't any more extraordinary than any other other than the fact that it was your first. That's why you shouldn't overestimate your first love too much.

Of course you have learned to love someone else and to have a romantic relationship, but the person with whom you have had the relationship is certainly not the only person in the world who suits you and with whom you one romantic Relationship. You should therefore put this first experience into perspective. Realize that you have learned from this first relationship and that therefore you will only be able to have better relationships in the future.

12. Don't forget that there isn't just one person for you

There are romp on our planet Billions of people. First love - or another one - can sometimes feel like it was the only true love, but we all know that is not true. You are probably thinking right now that it is impossible to find someone who suits you so well, but you are mistaken.

Everyone is unique, and there will always be someone (or even more) who will be a wonderful match for you as well.

Your relationship has advanced you as a person, which will only benefit you when you meet the next person in whom you become the new one love find. Maybe this will take a while, but you should never doubt that it will happen.

13. You are not alone

You may feel like you are only surrounded by darkness for a while. This can be a very difficult and daunting time, especially when it comes to the end of your first love. But the day will come when you will leave the darkness behind. You will then feel wonderful and natural, you will feel healed ’again and you will be able to laugh without thinking about the ex.

It is important that this period becomes a stronger and better ones Man made. You may feel alone, but you already have ahead of you millions lived through exactly the same thing. And they too all got back on their feet. You should always keep this in mind if you ever doubt whether you can really forget your first great love.

14. Take someone around you as an example

Find a friend, family member, or coworker who has also had a broken heart and eventually got over it. Such a person is wonderful to ask for advice on how he or she managed to do this. Take the person in question as a example. How did the person regain strength and independence after their relationship was over?

You could even ask them to add your mentor to become. This way, you can keep reaching out to him or her for advice throughout your recovery process. However, you should be careful not to become too dependent on the person in question.

15. Listen to music

Perhaps you have a tendency to listen to sad, melancholy music. Contrary to popular belief that it will only make you feel worse, this is not the case. This type of music can even help you feel like someone shares your pain and you are not alone with your feelings.

Also, singing along to the songs while crying will help you let your emotions run free in a healthy way.

Then you will feel really better too. It is scientifically proven that music makes you therapeutic effect owns. It can slow the heartbeat and relieve stress.

16. When you are ready, make it up to you

Very often it is assumed that you could never just be friends with someone you already had real feelings for. But that is by no means the case. And if a friendship doesn't seem possible, you can at least try to make a friendship respect to restore between you. It would be a shame if you couldn't stand it in the same room for a long time.

17. One should not force reparations, however

If you are still in too much pain to seek reparation, do not force yourself to do it. Such an attempt at the Making amends You should only start when you can do things for yourself accepted has the way they are and one no longer has any romantic feelings for the other. At this point you should really have forgotten or let go of your first great love.

Don't overwork yourself either. Try to be friendly with the other if possible. But if it turns out that this is impossible for the ex-partner, you should too accept can. You then did what you could and have to get on with your own life.

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