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The degree of protection indicates the extent to which electrical equipment (such as lights, LEDs or control gear) is protected against external influences such as the ingress of foreign bodies, water and against contact. To DIN EN 60529 Degrees of protection through housing (IP code) the degree of protection is indicated by letter-digit combinations, e.g. IP 23. IP is an abbreviation for International Protection or Ingress Protection.

  • The first number (1 to 6) indicates the degree of protection against contact and foreign bodies
  • The second digit (1 to 8) indicates the degree of protection against ingress of water
Meaning of the code numbers of the IP code according to DIN EN 60529

The digits can also have the values ​​0 or X, with 0 no special protection is required. An X indicates the vacant position if one of the two code numbers is omitted.

According to DIN EN 60529, IP-65 classifies a device / electrical equipment that is dust-tight and protected against water jets from any angle, as well as complete protection against contact.
The standard type of protection for living spaces is IP 2X, whereas for hobby rooms, IP 4X or IP 5X (dust protection).

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