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Shelf life of perfume: This is how long the fragrance should last you

Buying a good perfume is a small investment. Maybe it's not a lot of money, but it's a product that - if we buy good quality - will cost more than other things we use during our grooming routines. In many cases, therefore, it is not practical, or at least not economical, to buy perfume all the time. But why do some men use their bottles faster than others? And how long should it average life of a bottle of perfume be?

How long should a bottle of perfume last?

In reality, there is no "ideal" average shelf life for a bottle of perfume, but we should reconsider our habits if the bottles do not last longer than six months, as in those cases we could exceed the ideal daily amount of perfume. (Read here: The best perfumes for Christmas)

How long should a perfume bottle last?

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That's how long the perfume bottle lasts

NowSmellThis fragrance experts conducted experiments with 50ml and 100ml perfume bottles to determine how many sprays there were in a perfume bottle. If we three sprayers use per use, the average duration is one 50 ml bottle245 days, approximately eight months, during a 100 ml bottle lasts twice as long, roughly 16 months, more or less a year and a half.

This is where habits come into play. While - supposedly - the rule is to use three sprayers with each perfume, the truth is that many men tend to use more, with some reaching up to 10 sprayers per use, which is excessive, especially if we're from a good one Speak fragrance. Quality that offers a good smell from the first spray. According to the NST experiments, the service life is 10 sprayers from a 50 milliliter bottle little more than two months, about 73 days, at a 100 ml bottle double so much.

It is common for men to put more perfume on when they don't sense it smell, and it happens when the fragrances are not of good quality. It's worse if the perfume is good quality and you use too much. Not only do you overdo it and create an excessive smell, but you also waste a good quality product. (Read here: This is why the fragrance icon Aventus is so popular)

If you want to smell good with a few sprays it will depend on the places where you apply the perfume. Also, you need to keep in mind that more does not mean better, it is better to have a subtle smell.

If we move away from the proposed two sprayers and average 5 use sprayer, holds that 100 ml perfume 294 days, approximately 9 months. But this is where another important thing comes into play. They don't wear the same perfume every day, they may have a larger collection, so with regular use a perfume will not only last more than 9 months, but much longer as we switch between several.

Finally, some perfumes have an expiration date, and some suggest throwing the bottle away after 3 years. However, not all perfumes will expire after this date and you can use them for a while longer. So if we're looking for a conclusion: a single one Perfume should last more or less 9 months on averagebut it becomes more when we have a collection and don't use the same thing every day. If you empty the fragrance in less time, you are probably using too much. Then it's time to apply less or find a fragrance that you feel comfortable with even with a lower dose.

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