How to decorate a small bedroom

15 Amazing Small Bedroom Ideas

Do you think that a small bedroom cannot be turned into an oasis of wellbeing full of relaxation and tranquility? Today we will prove you wrong! We have brought 15 wonderful ideas for small bedrooms with us, which, despite a lack of space, impress with their unique design.

1. Stylish, bright and full of life

Gray and white is one of the most beautiful color combinations for the bedroom, as it not only looks stylish, but also creates a calm atmosphere to relax. If you add some pretty home textiles such as the dotted bed linen and the patterned curtains, the bedroom gets a lively touch with a lot of personality at the same time.

2. Original shelves

In small apartments you often don't have the space to integrate a separate study. But with intelligent storage space ideas and a tidy, tidy design, it can also find its perfect place in the bedroom. In this example, space-saving, creative shelf ideas have been implemented that offer a maximum of storage space and at the same time can be used for a pretty decoration. Did you see the headboard of the bed that is used as a shelf?

3. A minimalist design

As a rule, the less furniture there is in a room, the better it can look. In a small bedroom in particular, you should concentrate on the essentials in order to create an airy, light atmosphere. You can also get advice from an interior decorator or interior designer.

4. Multifunctional furniture

In small rooms, the functionality of the furniture plays an essential role. Therefore, when choosing an appealing design, you should not only consider which options will best support us in everyday life. For example, a great option for a small bedroom is a practical sofa bed!

5. A simple setup

Natural materials are best suited to create a warm and cozy ambience. In this case we see a simple and functional furniture made of wood that gives the whole room a homely atmosphere.

6. Scandinavian chic

The Nordic cozy flair of the Scandinavians is simply unbeatable when it comes to combining modern furnishings with a warm flair. This requires white walls, wooden furniture and accessories in delicate pastel colors. In this bedroom it is the wooden ceiling that adds a special touch and creates a cozy atmosphere.

7. Combine bedroom and living area

Open living concepts are no longer just a popular option for one-room apartments or lofts. If you have a little more space available, you can combine the bedroom and living area wonderfully. A pretty partition gives the room more structure and a perfect division.

8. Custom-made furniture

In small rooms, the space must be optimally used so as not to waste a square meter. A good solution is therefore made-to-measure furniture that is specially adapted to the structure of the room. In this example, open shelves have been combined with numerous cupboards and even a niche for the bed has been built in. Depending on the planning, a walk-in closet can even be integrated.

9. Storage space under the bed

Nowadays, multifunctional furniture makes it much easier for us to furnish small rooms. This also applies to our bed in the bedroom. Here we see a variant with additional drawers below the bed. If you still have some space under your bed, you can also create this storage space solution with simple boxes that you place under the bed.

11. Mirror

We can't stop telling you about the many benefits of mirrors. Especially in small rooms, a mirror reflects the light and makes even the smallest bedroom appear larger - regardless of whether it is mirrored wardrobe doors or a wall mirror.

12. Natural light

Large windows are an essential factor in creating a bright ambience. However, if you only have a small window or no window at all, you can also bring more brightness into the bedroom with artificial light sources.

13. Narrow bedrooms

In a narrow bedroom, you often need creative ideas to integrate an additional work area. We are enthusiastic about this idea, in which the headboard of the bed has been extended to create a mini workstation.