Are Chinese restaurants about quality or quantity

Outstanding quantity and quality - Jade Asia fast food

Sometimes you don't want to go to a restaurant, you want to eat something in peace at home, but not cook.

For this, many people use smartphone apps such as Lieferando or Pizza. We are not. We tend to order in the vicinity from restaurants, pizzerias or fast food outlets that we have seen ourselves. The possibility of ordering where usually only rats eat in the kitchen is otherwise too great in my opinion.

It was the same this time. We decided to eat Asian but didn't want to go to the restaurant. The closest Chinese / Asian is 30 minutes away. So we went there.

It is clear and ONLY a quick pickup snack. You order, wait and then take the food with you. There are no tables. There is no guest room apart from the standing room in front of the cash register and the cooking / kitchen area. Since it is a take-away snack, you don't miss it. Or are you expecting a guest room at Lieferando?

Since you can order by phone, it is advisable to take a card with you when you are there for the first time. Otherwise you have to wait 15-20 minutes after ordering (as we did) until all orders have been processed before your own.

The selection is very large.

We each ordered a dish with duck, one not spicy, the other (according to the menu) spicy.

Fortunately, it was late summer 2018 and very warm. So it wasn't a problem to wait outside. Otherwise (e.g. in cold or wet winter) it's not funny. The other option is to wait inside. When you take the food with you, you're already cooked. So it is worthwhile to download the map as a PDF from Facebook and to pre-order it by phone. Then you drive there 10-15 minutes later and pick them up.

The nice thing about it is that you really see life cooking in action. Nothing hidden, nothing convenience food, everything cooked live from real fresh ingredients.

The service is well, actually none. You recite the order to the lady at the cash register. Then she screams the numbers that are just ready for "delivery" very loudly. So you have to remember the numbers.

On the other hand, the food is excellent, the portions huge.

If you are only hungry, but not terribly, you should consider getting a portion for two. Not everyone is a Bud Spencer.

The price-performance ratio is 5 stars. In a Chinese restaurant, the food will not be better, the portions are at least a third larger than those of the Chinese restaurants that have been visited so far.

We really enjoyed the meal and will now order and pick up here more often if we don't feel like cooking.

Rating (stars 1 to 5)
Guest room: * (because none)
Service: ***
Food: *****
Price / performance ratio: *****
Overall rating: *****