What is underemployment with example



Underemployed [in the legal sense and therefore not unemployed] are people who, for example, are in further training, take part in employment programs of the Employment Agency or are unable to work: currently 3.56 million people. on-line)]

In the crisis countries of Cyprus, Spain and Ireland, but also in the Netherlands, Great Britain and France, between 5.5 and 7.8 percent of the labor force was underemployed in 2014, i.e. they involuntarily worked less than 30 hours a week. [Süddeutsche Zeitung, 06/11/2016]

It turned out that [the barber's assistant] Carrot could do anything but had nothing to do, not all day. He was underemployed. On the second day of his appearance [at the hairdresser's] in Greeksgasse, he made himself useful by sweeping the floor, fixing two defective sockets and decalcifying the small washing machine that was supposed to end up in the garbage. [Wondratschek, Wolf: Mozarts Hairdresser, Munich, Vienna: Carl Hanser Verlag 2002, p. 78]

When reading through very long HTML pages, the [Internet] modem [...] is completely underemployed, while it can hardly keep up when loading multimedia applications. [C’t, 1999, No. 13]

Exquisite knick-knacks and souvenirs from various trips abroad offer the underemployed housewife the opportunity for daily creative dust removal.