Have you been to Udon Thani Thailand

Changwat Udon Thani

Hello everyone 🌞

After more than 20 hours by train, I'm finally in Penang / Georgetown and I have to say, the small island is so beautiful. But now first to the trip. In Bangkok I made my way in good time, but then the social worker told War that she had to go to the train station too, because she had to send 2 parcels to Chiang Mai and had ordered a tuck tuck. So we drove and she waited a bit with me there, but the train was unfortunately very, very late. After I was alone and damned unsure of myself because I couldn't understand anything, I asked when the train was coming. Nobody could say that. Overall, the train was 1 or 2 hours late. The train wasn't as great as the night train from Nong Khai to Bangkok, but it wasn't bad either. When we were on the road for about 2 hours, my food came that I had ordered, was really not bad. Then the conductor came and made up the bed. The only bad thing was that there was no socket for the cell phone (yes, that's really bad when you travel and I still don't have a power bank), that was really great from the other train. Then later came a man who slept on top of me and it was really difficult to get up because our bed had no ladder, but then the conductor came and turned it on. I was so happy that the man spoke to me in English :). After what feels like weeks, Tatar can finally talk in English again so well that I can hardly speak in the home. The next morning when our beds were folded up and we had a seat again, I found out more from the man. He really fascinated me because he is 74 years old and goes to Asia for 6 months every year to travel. If I can still do that at his age, hats off. He is Finnish but has lived in Canada for years. I also got some tips from him and it was really nice with him. When we got to the border in Malaysia, we had to change trains anyway. I have never experienced such a super nice, relaxed border crossing. Everyone was so warm. While waiting in line, I got to know Tobias, because you could see from his passport that he is also from Germany and as luck would have it, he is in the same hostel as me. When we waited for the other train that took us to Butterworth, we met Lisa, also from Germany, and talked to the Finn again, as most of them already knew him 😊. Yes, when you travel, you chat with everyone. After 2 hours we arrived in Butterworth and of course met Germans again, backpackers can always be recognized by their oversized backpacks. Then all walked together to the ride, which was about 5 minutes away. The boys are flying to New Zealand after Christmas, oh I was jealous. The ride was 10 min and yeah I didn't get seasick. At the port we took the bus for 5 minutes and were on the famous Love Lane. This is the street where all the bars and cafes are. Lisa was in another hostel which wasn't far from ours. After I checked in at the hostel, I first took a shower, wow that was good. Then Tobi and I walked around a bit and I have to say Georgetown is really beautiful. So many religions among each other besides a Christian church is not far a mosque and a Chinese temple, as well as an Indian one. We also looked at the Indian quarter, you feel like you are in Bollywood. πŸ˜† But we were so exhausted so we didn't eat in a cookshop but in a small bar and a surprise, it was very cheap and delicious. Then we went back to the hostel.

It's hard to believe, tomorrow is Christmas !!

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