Is Iran a good country to live in



During a visit to Iran, one encounters a heterogeneous, modern, constantly developing multiethnic state, whose self-confident population appears anything but uncritical in conformity with the system. This applies in particular to women who are very present in public life, at universities and on the job market, but are underrepresented in politics.

Iran's self-image as a regional power is based on the impressive Persian history of civilization, which goes far beyond the European one. Evidence of the great Persian empires, which at times stretched from the Mediterranean to the Indus, can still be admired today.

Iran, whose recent history was shaped by the end of the Shah's rule through the 1979 revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic, derives an active foreign policy in the Near and Middle East from its self-image.

The state influences the political struggle for power in Lebanon and intervenes directly in the military conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. In addition to the people and historical treasures, Iran is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna as the country stretches over several climatic zones. Whether the mixed forests in the mountainous north or the nature reserves in the interior, through which cheetahs roam to this day: a visit is worthwhile.

Our highlights


The city is home to countless architectural treasures from the Safavid period. Colorful mosques and palaces surround the Meidan-e Nagsch-e Dschahan, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here, in the lively bazaar and on the pedestrian bridges that lead over the Zayanderud to the Armenian quarter, it is very easy to come into contact with the Esfahanis.

The mountains

Massive mountain ranges criss-cross Iran, and dozens of 4000-meter peaks tower above the landscape. Partly rugged and bare, partly covered by dense forests, they invite you to go hiking or skiing.


Modern metropolis, Moloch, political and economic center, city of revolution and demonstration stations. On city tours we dedicate ourselves to the eventful recent history and the current challenges of the megacity.


Through conversations with artists, students, politicians, academics or representatives of religious minorities, we try to better understand contemporary Iran.

The deserts

Unreal-looking salt deserts or endless sand dunes: Iran has fascinating arid landscapes that we get to know on excursions. A special highlight in the desert are the starry, quiet nights.


The city of the Iranian national poets Hafez and Saadi with its relaxed and hospitable population is the perfect place to acclimatize in Iran. Beautiful gardens provide shade during the midday heat. Numerous sights such as the poet mausoleums or the Shiite pilgrimage site Shah Cheragh are well worth a visit.


The oasis city with its underground water channels is the center of the Zoroastrian community of Iran. The visit to their temple complex will remain in vivid memory, as will the scene of the Shiite Ashura processions or the Zurkhane, the traditional Iranian version of a fitness studio.

Alsharq trips to Iran


Iran is an extremely diverse and multi-layered country. Born from an eventful past, the Islamic Republic of Iran is today shaped by complex social, political and economic structures. On our classic time travel route, we approach them from a historical-chronological perspective and let Iranians have their own say.

Practical information about the country

Although it is now possible to obtain the visa directly at the airport upon arrival, we will apply for the visa beforehand, as this minimizes potential risks, is easy on the nerves and, above all, saves a lot of time.

The visa regulations can change at any time. If there are any changes, we will of course inform you in good time before departure. Please inform us as early as possible if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport and / or do not want to enter with a German passport.

Iran is considered a very safe travel destination, but security still plays a major role.

We base our travel plans on the statements and warnings of the Federal Foreign Office. Our itinerary only goes through areas that are classified as safe by the authorities.

We are always in close contact with the local German embassy and local authorities. Should there be any changes in the security situation, we reserve the right to change the planned travel route.

No special vaccinations are required for a stay in Iran. The medical care situation in Tehran is very good, in other parts of the country it is at least always guaranteed. However, to avoid diarrhea, we recommend avoiding drinking tap water.

Also on the subject corona (COVID-19) we base our travel plans on the statements of the Federal Foreign Office as well as the local authorities and the German embassy on site. Should there be a change in the risk situation or a tightening of the entry conditions, we reserve the right to make adjustments to the trip, but will inform you as soon as possible.

In Iran, the Iranian Rial (IRial) is the official currency. At the moment it can only be exchanged within Iran. Therefore, you must take all your money with you in cash (euros or US dollars). We will then swap this on site. This is good practice and so far there have been no problems.

It is NOT yet possible to pay with EC or credit cards or other international financial means.

The official language in Iran is Persian. Despite an almost identical alphabet with Arabic, both languages ​​come from different language families. English is the lingua franca and it is easy to get through everyday life.


  • The two trips to Iran with Alsharq gave me a very vivid picture of this country, which is beautiful in many ways, and at the same time helped to break down prejudices and reservations through well-founded information and numerous encounters with local people.
  • A well thought-out concept, reliable organization, comprehensive information transfer at the highest level, local conversation partners with insider knowledge as well as a nice, informal group atmosphere characterized all of my (now four) Alsharq trips.
  • The Iran trip “Diversity in the Country” was a very special trip for me. Through the many experiences and especially encounters with different people from the artistic, political and religious fields, I got an intensive insight into Iran, which has created a connection to the country.
  • The trip was a great experience! A very varied program of our "journey through time" over 2500 years, many encounters with people from very different backgrounds, well-founded background stories by our tour guides and a very warm cordiality of the people. My image of Iran has become much more colorful!
  • I am mainly interested in people, politics, history and good food. This is exactly what I can experience with Alsharq-Reisen in a way that I cannot get anywhere else. Alsharq is well networked on site and opens doors to people, places and experiences that would otherwise remain hidden.
  • The trip was valuable because the tour guides have background knowledge and break down and contextualize this knowledge for laypeople so that I was able to discover a lot of new things. In addition, the encounters with people from different social areas were exciting. Alsharq's contacts made the time unique.
  • I was deeply impressed by what I experienced with Alsharq in Iran. The tour guide found a wonderful balance between information and emotion and contributed to the fact that I fell in love with the country and its culture. Alsharq is also worthwhile for people who like to travel alone, because you learn things that would otherwise remain hidden.
  • My inherent suspicion of group travel did not have too much leeway to unfold: Pleasant, unconventional tour guides who live what they do and curious, open fellow travelers between 20 and 70 years of age; Students, prospective doctorates, normal workers, retirees, mom-daughter teams and an obligatory nerd.
  • What makes traveling an experience? The encounters with local people and an insight into the reality of their lives. Thanks to Alsharq, I have met fascinating people who inspire, interest and sometimes irritate me, but above all who have thoroughly mixed up the stereotypes in my head.
  • Alsharq trips are enriching. Informative, exciting, sometimes exhausting, sometimes sobering. Top organization, well-founded information, impressions and people you will never forget. Also positive are the great contacts and the experience of the tour guides on site. Their incredible knowledge enables them to optimally assess the political situation.
  • With Alsharq I found the form of travel I was looking for, because excellent information on culture, art, history and politics, on the past and the present, is conveyed by competent, committed and local tour guides. I also appreciate the on-site encounters and the cooperation between those taking part in the trip.
  • With Alsharq I experienced an all-round beautiful and extremely well thought-out trip to Iran. Many items on the program were discussed in advance and together they resulted in a great whole that allowed us to look deep into the Iranian soul. In combination with the great teamwork and organization, the young travel company can only be recommended.
  • The trip to Iran made a lasting impression on us. We were enthusiastic about the diversity of the offer in terms of culture, politics and the encounters with the local people. Alsharq's information has always been comprehensive, detailed and very interesting. An experience that we don't want to miss.