Are you happy satisfied with your relationship

Are you really happy in your relationship or are you just scared of being alone?

Keyword "settling" (English to settle = to be satisfied): Do you love your partner more than anything? Yeah, eh. Will you stay together forever? Well, it's always quite long ... Oh, oh - maybe you should reconsider your relationship.

on November 13, 2019, 1:50 p.m.

Sure, compromising is super important in a working relationship. Those who only pay attention to their own needs will ultimately make neither themselves nor their partners happy. When it comes to choosing your partner, you shouldn't get involved with someone just because the person is available and you don't feel like being single.

Do you suspect that you may also have fallen into the settling trap? Ask yourself these five questions and find out.

1. How do you feel when you are alone with your friend?

Ah, time for two is the best thing about a relationship ...Don't you see The thought of spending hours alone with your partner gives you the creeps because you don't really know what to talk about? In addition, you can't cover every awkard silence with a steamy make-out session in the long run? If only the sex is good in your relationship, otherwise you would rather spend your time with others, you should consider whether a friendship plus would be the right thing for you.

2. Do you feel "superior" to your partner?

You roll your eyes instantly because your friend is talking about some football results that are boring snore, while you would much rather discuss the complexity of Myaskowksi's 16th Symphony? Maybe you also feel bad because you already know exactly what you want in life and your partner is aimlessly leading the day? "Opposites attract" works great for some. It's not about upgrading or devaluing football results or classical music, but: If the interests and life worlds differ too much, it can be quite exhausting in the long run - and then it may be better to go our separate ways.

3. Do you often complain to others about your partner?

You can hardly wait to go out for a drink with your girls on the weekend so that you can relieve your frustration in your relationship finally can unload somewhere? Of course, it's perfectly normal to chat with your friends about your love life, but if you're more happy to blaspheme your friend than to spend time with him, that doesn't mean anything good.

4. What do you like about your relationship?

Are you happy not to have to show up alone to Mara's birthday party or Grandpa's 80s and do you love to cuddle in bed in the evening? Specifically with your But doing friend is not that important? Of course, you can't and don't have to love everything about your partner, but if you can hardly think of reasons why you would like to be with your boyfriend, then this may be a sign that you shouldn't be.

5. Are you afraid of being alone?

Fear of being alone?? "Pff. I'm strong and independent, I don't need no (wo) man !!", do you find? Think about it again. When was the last time you were single? "Uh, phew, that was ... hmm ... "- Let me tell you: there is nothing wrong with being in no relationship! Even if society and your grandma want to persuade you that. Believe us, it's a lot more relaxed to spend quality time with yourself than with some guy who chews too loudly and thinks blonde jokes are funny (they never have been).

Conclusion: Just staying with someone because you think they'll do it that way or because you're afraid of being alone won't make you happy in the long run. Be fair to your partner (and yourself!) And end the relationship if you're not really behind it.