What are the different types of visas

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Amateur and professional athletes (competition only for prize money) B-1Athletes, artists, entertainers PAustralian Workers - Specialized Occupations E-3Border Crossing Card: Mexico BCCBusiness travelers B-1Crew members (of ships or aircraft) D.Diplomats and foreign government officials A.Household workers or nannies (accompanied by a foreign employer) B-1Employee of a recognized international organization, and NATO G1-G4, NATOParticipants in exchange programs JParticipants in exchange programs - au pairs J-1Exchange program participants - children (under 21 years of age) or spouse of a J-1 holder J-2Participants in exchange programs - professors, scholars, teachers J-1Participants in exchange programs - international cultural exchange J, QFiance) K-1Foreign troops stationed in the United States A-2 - NATO1-6Foreigners with exceptional skills in science, the arts, upbringing and education, business or sports O-1Traders under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Chile H-1B1Traders under the Singapore Fair Trade Agreement (FTA) H-1B1Media representatives (media, journalists) I.Internal transfer of employees L.Visitors for medical treatment B-2NAFTA Professionals: Mexico, Canada TN / TDNurses traveling to areas where there is a shortage of health workers H-1Cdoctors J-1, H-1BReligious workers R.Specialized occupations in areas in which special expertise is required H-1BStudents - in academic education or language courses F-1Relatives of Students - Relatives of an F-1 holder F-2Students - professionally M-1Relatives of Students - Relatives of an M-1 holder M-2Temporary workers - seasonal agricultural workers H-2ATemporary workers - non-agricultural activities H-2BTourism, vacation, pleasure travel B-2Training as part of a program that is not primarily for employment H-3Investors under the trade agreement E-2Traders under the trade agreement E-1Passing through the United States C.Victims of human trafficking T-1Visa extensions in the United States - A, G, and NATO A1-2, G1-4, NATO1-6