How does lobster taste

How does lobster taste?

I've never tried lobster before. To be honest, I don't know where to eat any. How expensive is lobster anyway? Can you even afford it as a normal person? Can you describe the taste to me somehow? What's the best way to prepare the lobster?

I think lobster tastes similar to crab chips, very tasty. difficult to eat

Better eat something sensible and let the animals live! People who eat lobster disgust me.

It's fine, but I always feel sorry for the animals. I am just imagining them being cooked alive. I think that can also make you lose your appetite.

So I eat a lobster very often, I think it's very good
well, it also depends on the preparation i like to eat it with a sauce in the salad
and such a big lobster costs around 20-30euro

It is - without question - the culmination of whole crustaceans (crabs, prawns, prawns, crabs, etc.).
I also ate it once - in the Japanese restaurant - ready-served, without bowls or the like.

Quite firm in the meat, because it is also very muscular and has a taste ... just like other crustaceans, but much more tender and softer.

Good Appetite!

Alos I ate lobster (350 grams) for the first time today and I have to say it's a matter of taste. I think the lobster tastes like prawns or shrimp. For "cracking" I can recommend a side cutter, it worked for me too. Otherwise I had scissors, a knife and a spoon to help! the only thing I didn't like was the red and green stuff that's inside! Otherwise very tasty.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you where you can get lobster, I got ours from Kaufland and I think it came to € 5. It was a bit steep for me, but we wanted to try and I think you can get one in between!

I hope I could help you a little ...

Kind regards Pb84