Are Sphynx cats worth the cost

What is the most expensive breed of cats?

The Sphynx cat is one of the most expensive cats you can buy. The breeder charges between 1200 and 2500 euros for this cat.

Which dogs are particularly expensive?

The breed of dog Do Kyhi (also called Tibet Mastiff) can be bought from the dog breeder at an average price of 6000 euros. The Coton de Tulear costs up to 9,000 euros.

How can you protect your animal?

A collar attached to the collar can remedy the loss of an animal GPS transmitter with which, for example, dogs and cats can be found again.

There are certain breeds of animals that can be purchased from the breeder for a very high price. Most of them are particularly pure-bred animals whose fur looks beautiful and whose traits are unique. In addition, there is the robust immune system of the animals as well as the good genetics, which cause few or no typical diseases.

But anyone who chooses such an animal is assuming a great deal of responsibility. Because the animals are not only popular with breeders and lovers. It is therefore important to try to find a cat or dog at an early stage.

Believe it or not, these cats are worth a fortune

One of the most famous cat breeds, the price of which should not be underestimated by the breeder, is the British shorthair. Most cats of this breed have a very calm, playful demeanor. They are constantly looking for closeness to their people, which means that they are often kept as house cats. After all, they hardly long to be outdoors. You pay a price at the breeder between 500 and 600 euros.
With a proud price of 1200 to 2500 euros find one Sphynx cat at the breeder. This cat is characterized by its nudity, because it is naturally hairless or has at most a slight fluff. Her nature is very people-oriented and she wants to play and cuddle. This cat should not be allowed to go outside as its skin is extremely sensitive to the sun.

In great demand in the dog world

But dog lovers are also willing to spend huge sums of money on their animals. So can a Do Kyhi, also called Tibetan Mastiff, from the breeder for one Average price of 6000 euros can be acquired. These animals are very dominant and protect their families with their lives. Because originally they were bred to chase bears and snow leopards away.

He is significantly smaller in body size than this protector Coton de Tulear. Its origin goes back to the French nobility and the affluent population. People wanted a little lion in miniature format to stroke and pamper. This very breed of dog still has a proud price of up to 9000 euros.

Protect your animal

Owners of these expensive animals will certainly do everything to protect their animal. Because the value of animals ensures that criminals also feel attracted to the animals. Cats and dogs are kidnapped and sold on the black market for a lot of money. This fate should not flourish for your animal. It is therefore important to protect the animal from such an attack. Certainly it makes sense not to keep cats like a Sphynx or a British Shorthair as free-range cats. But what do you do if your animal breaks out? This can happen especially with dogs, because their instincts drive the animals to hunt or explore their surroundings.

A GPS transmitter for cats or dogs can help with this. He is on a conventional collarthat you can put on your pet. You can follow every step of the animal using an app on your smartphone or by visiting a website.
Once your pet has run away from home or does not return for several days, you can see exactly where it is.

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The most expensive breeds of cats and dogs in the world

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