Why do my armpits smell like onions

Not just garlic and onions : Müffel alarm! These five foods cause body odor

Whoever is garlic smells - that's no secret. Fine noses perceive the vapors from tuber fans for days after eating. However, garlic is not the only food that makes us smell uncomfortable. There are other foods that can cause stink. Would you have guessed?

Tomatoes aggravate the armpit odor

Many love the vegetables, but the research of the British scientist Charles Steward should prove that the red fruits are also responsible for underarm odor. Because: Odors under the arms are often caused by terpenes. Chemical substances for which the sweat glands are an important route of excretion. "In view of the quantities consumed, tomatoes are probably the main source of terpenes in food - and play a major role in armpit odor," says the abstract of the work.

Red meat is difficult to digest

How about a delicious steak, preferably bloody ... well: if you don't want to smell, you should go without it. The reason: the meat is particularly difficult to digest and therefore stays in the digestive tract for a long time. During this time, a particularly large number of bacteria can form, which in turn lead to bad breath and body odor. There is even a study that is supposed to show that men who eat a lot of red meat are less attractive to women - this is also due to the smell of sweat.

Low Carb Diets: Being Slim or Smelly?

Many people go on diets without carbohydrates, but with a lot of protein. Anyone planning this is spoiled for choice: be slim or stinky? Because: Basically, a change in eating behavior can lead to a change in the bacterial colonization in the mouth and intestines. Some bacteria multiply particularly well in a protein-rich diet. “And these little bastards have nothing better to do than generate a lot of sulfur compounds,” writes low-carb expert Bettina Meiselbach in her blog happycarb.de. In addition: According to experts, carbohydrates are needed to neutralize the scents of other foods.

Coffee: Bacteria also like the hot beverage

If you like coffee, you have to be strong now: the hot drink can cause bad smells to come out of the mouth. Dentist Markus Felber explained to “Focus”: “It is not the ingredients of the coffee bean that cause the bad smell. Rather, it is caused by bacteria in our mouth that metabolize coffee. These metabolic products are what we perceive as smells. ”The bacteria live mainly in the spaces between the teeth and on the tongue. When they break down food residues, they produce sulphurous substances - they make bad breath.

Alcohol causes bad breath and sweat

Party bunnies should bury themselves the day after the party. Everyone probably knows the "flag" that springs from the mouth after drinking beer or wine. Much more problematic: the scent of the alcohol is given off through the skin. As a guideline: about two hours after consumption, the body begins to give off the smell again. In addition: According to doctors, excessive alcohol consumption makes sweat very acidic - and this acid leads to a musty sweat odor.