How did you break your sugar addiction

Sugar addiction

My question concerns the sugar in foods such as French chips or pickles from wholesalers or purchased mayonnaise: Can you become addicted to the sugar hidden in such foods?

Text: R. M., Zurich



If you are for a period of time If you want to “withdraw from sugar”, I would definitely do without these products. Or at least you should keep an eye on yourself during this time. It is often the case that the body immediately demands more sugar as soon as it has got a little bit of it. A pickle can trigger an almost uncontrolled craving for chocolate. But you only notice that if you strictly avoid anything sweet for two weeks, including the white, highly refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta). If you want to consistently avoid sugar, you would also have to do without finished products and canned food. In order not to be too hard on yourself, I would like to advise you and all readers: Do not start until February and, during Lent, keep sugar deprivation until Easter if possible. During the cold season there can be an extra Schöggeli and by Saturday, at the latest, when the spicy gingerbread is on the table, the iron will of many is broken anyway.

Sabine Hurni, Druggist, naturopath and Ayurveda expert