What does an iPhone 5 cost

German prices for iPhone 5 have been set

Apple has published the German prices for the iPhone 5 presented yesterday evening in its webshop - somewhat hidden on the iPhone comparison page. In this country, the basic version with 16 GB of memory without a contract will cost 679 euros, 50 euros more than the previous iPhone 4S when it was launched.

For the 32 GB model of the iPhone 5, Apple charges 789 euros, for the 64 GB version 899 euros. This means that they are also 50 euros more expensive than the corresponding models from the previous year.

It is noticeable that this time the euro prices are even numerically higher than the US prices, which have not increased compared to the previous model. The iPhone 5 in Germany is significantly more expensive than in the United States, and not just because of the exchange rate. US users who do not want to take out a mobile phone contract when purchasing the new Apple smartphone pay $ 649, $ 749 or $ 849 (plus tax) depending on the memory size. With a two-year contract, the device prices are reduced to 199, 299 or 399 dollars.

In Germany, the iPhone 5 will initially be available from the major providers Deutsche Telekom, O2 and Vodafone at subsidized prices with a two-year contract. According to information from Mac & i, Telekom wants to sell it again with a Netlock so that it can only be used in their network. As usual, it should be possible to remove the block free of charge after the two-year contract has expired. The network operators want to announce prices shortly.

Apple is now offering the iPhone 4S with 16 GB of storage at 50 euros cheaper, i.e. for 579 euros instead of 629 euros. The iPhone 4 with 8 GB costs 399 euros. It replaces the iPhone 3GS, which is no longer available.

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