How do air fresheners eliminate bad odors

Neutralize odors: 5 home remedies for fresh air

In a busy house, people cook and live, and children and pets are part of the fray. Odors are inevitable in the house, car or in textiles, so it is important to know a few tricks to neutralize them.

It does not always have to be expensive to neutralize odors in the household. Small tricks and home remedies can already help you to combat unpleasant aromas.

The many different origins of the odor can be contained and your house or car will smell wonderfully fresh again.

the essentials in brief

  • Sometimes the cause of the bad odor needs to be addressed, not just the odor itself.
  • Home remedies help quickly and inexpensively against unpleasant aromas in the household or in the car. So everything smells fresh again.
  • Cleanliness is the be all and end all to have fragrant textiles in the house and in the car; this is also possible with animals in the house.

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In addition to neutralizing odors, germs and bacteria in the air are fought over an area of ​​around 20 square meters. In this way, the kitchen, bathroom or living room becomes a fragrant, feel-good room again.

What are smells?

Everyone perceives smells differently, because smells are your brain's interpretation of particles that are in the air and that you ingest through your nose.

They are created by tiny molecules and through a wide variety of compositions they are perceived by your brain.

Receptors on your mucous membrane in the nose, mouth and throat absorb the odorous substances, which are then sent on to your brain, which then interprets the respective smells. This is how you classify smells into good and bad smells.

Background: What you should know about neutralizing odors

In order to combat odors, you need to know the cause of it. Sometimes it's very obvious, sometimes you have to get to the bottom of the matter.

Basic cleanliness should definitely be present in your household.

With the certain know-how you can then neutralize the smells, fight them and also prevent them. Because unpleasant smells arise for a certain reason. Find out what may be the cause, where there are unpleasant smells and what can help against it.

Where do unpleasant smells arise?

Disturbing odors can arise from a wide variety of things. They often arise when you work with fresh products that are stored or when they create waste. Different acids, wastes and products together develop strong odors.
Place of origin Neutralizing agent
Drain Vinegar, citric acid, baking soda
Smell of nicotine Vinegar, fragrance lamp, coffee, diffuser
kitchen Orange peel, coffee, vinegar, plants
bath Toilet stone, diffuser, plants, vinegar
automobile Coffee, scented tree, cat litter, essential oils
wardrobe Vinegar, sachets, essential oils
sofa Vinegar, baking soda, textile spray
Litter box Plants, diffusers

Odors can also develop in places such as the car, the toilet, or your pet's sleeping area.

Regular cleaning and washing can prevent these aromas.

How do unsightly smells form?

There are so many places where odors arise that are annoying to our sense of smell. That is why there are numerous causes of bad smells in the home, car and Co.

Often it is due to secreted body fluids such as sweat, urine or the like, especially in the cars of frequent drivers in a hot summer there can be odors in the textiles.

But living spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms with organic waste can also quickly create unpleasant smells. Since a decay process takes place here, in which gases are formed, there is also a bad odor.

What helps to avoid unpleasant smells?

As already mentioned, you can avoid most odors with a regular cleaning routine, frequent washing, ventilation and mucking out. This means that no decomposition processes can occur and therefore no odors either.

However, especially with textiles, it is inevitable that certain substances will settle and odors arise. Then you have to use the appropriate home remedies or special cleaners.

In the worst case, textiles such as clothing, curtains or upholstery also have to be replaced, as it is not possible to remove odors if they are permanently soiled.

Solution to unpleasant odors: 5 home remedies that you can use to neutralize unpleasant odors

Home remedies and small gadgets to help you neutralize odors so that the house smells good again. Especially if you are very sensitive to smells, you should know what works against the pungent smell in the car, bathroom or on the sofa.

Try the right home remedy for you. You will find that you already have most of the home remedies at home and all you have to do is use them.

Or just have to try new things that will help you feel better and smell better.

Soda - miracle cure for your household

Soda is a miracle weapon in the household and has so many different uses, the white powder can also help you neutralize odors.

Often an unpleasant smell accumulates in the refrigerator due to the various foods, as too many flavors and bacteria come together in the refrigerator.

A bowl of baking soda can help you to bind and neutralize the odors.

Even if the drain is on strike and an unpleasant odor arises from it, you can use a mixture of baking soda and citric acid in the drain, the bad smell is blown away.

Anyone who has a household with animals should put a sachet of the powder in the cat litter, so musty urine smells are bound and neutralized. As you can see, baking soda has a huge area of ​​application. Give it a try.

Coffee - Neutralizes bad odors

Coffee is a particularly pleasant scent, and especially fresh coffee beans or flour exudes a pleasant odor. You can also neutralize unpleasant or overwhelming odors in the car and in the household.

Coffee beans or flour in a lantern, a tea light and you can remove greasy odors in the kitchen or strong unpleasant odors in the bathroom.

The warmth of the tea light dissolves the odorous substances and the essential oils in the coffee and further decomposes them in the air.

A small, fireproof bowl with coffee and / or orange peel on a hot stove top is just as effective. Once again activated by the warmth, a fresh scent is carried through the kitchen and the smells of roasting or fish are blown away.

Diffuser - Essential oils for fresh air

A diffuser can enrich your life positively in several ways, because it not only neutralizes unpleasant odors, but also inspires you with the essential oils.

Because essential oils are highly effective and can be used in many other ways, for example as a supporter for meditation.

You can refresh the air in the kitchen and bathroom with fresh, invigorating scents such as lemongrass, sweet orange or peppermint. You can also use the diffuser in the living room or bedroom.

A socket is important for standard atomizers so that they can unobtrusively freshen your air.

The hobby room or the utility room can also benefit from the humidifier and there is the right smell for everyone.

Compared to a candle, the diffuser is more health-friendly and gives off a more pleasant, unobtrusive odor. People who are sensitive to odor should try this variant in particular.

Plants - the natural room fans

Plants are natural room fans because they filter the air and naturally give off a scent. In this way, they also neutralize unpleasant odors in the air in a light way.

The following plants can help you:

Air-purifying plants
  • Indoor jasmine
  • Kentina palm
  • ivy
  • eucalyptus

These plants can filter pollutants from the air, regulate the indoor climate and, among other things, spray a pleasant scent. So they can help you to neutralize the air in the living space in a natural way.

However, if you are hoping for a freshness kick from plants, you have come to the wrong address, because plants are still not miracle cures and cannot significantly filter the air so that odors disappear. You should always take good care of and fertilize the plants.

Plants only contribute to a lively indoor climate. This can be an advantage, especially with pets, you can find out more about this in the trivia section of our article.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to beautify your home with plants. Because plants enliven every apartment and give your interior a sense of wellbeing.

Vinegar - home remedy for smoke odors

Vinegar is a true all-rounder in the household because you can use it in many ways. Vinegar can be particularly helpful in eliminating odors and, above all, neutralizing smoke odors.

After a night of partying, the smell of smoke hangs all over the apartment, so we recommend that you distribute a bowl of water and a generous dash of vinegar essence in the respective rooms.

In addition, you can wipe smooth surfaces made of wood, stone or leather / imitation with the vinegar solution.

You will quickly notice that the emulsion binds the annoying, cold smoke and thus the indoor climate becomes more pleasant again.

Of course, you should also ventilate properly. This way the apartment smells better again, even after long nights of partying.

The vinegar water has a similar area of ​​application in an old, musty wardrobe. Because often it is not only due to the textiles, but also to the wood itself.

To do this, you should remove the clothes and wash them. Meanwhile, ventilate the cupboard, rub the tincture of water and vinegar, and let the cupboard dry well. This is how you neutralize the musty smell in the closet.

Trivia: What else you should know about neutralizing odors

In special cases, other aids must also be used. Because the tried and tested home remedies do not always help to eliminate odors.

Especially with pets or musty sportswear you often need a little more, but here, too, you know how.

You don't have to buy new sportswear straight away or ban your pet from the apartment, a few tools and tricks neutralize the air here too so that everyone can live happily and fragrantly together.

Sportswear: How can you neutralize odors after exercising?

Sportswear can quickly start to smell because it is well known that you sweat while exercising. But not only socks, T-shirts and pants start to smell of sweat and sport, but also the shoes and the sports bag itself.

Often the bag is outsourced so that the smell does not settle in the apartment. However, there are ways you can neutralize the odors in your sportswear.

First of all, there is an extra sports detergent, which cleans your textiles deeply and makes them smell better.

If you ventilate your gym bag regularly, empty it immediately after exercising and wash your sports gear accordingly, you can prevent the unpleasant smell.

There are also certain laundry balls that you can keep in your gym bag permanently. You can also treat these with essential oils so that your sports equipment smells fresh and pleasant. The secret recipe for sports equipment is: airing, washing and essential oils.

What helps against the smell of vomit?

This mishap can occur, especially with small children, party guests or pets. Don't panic, even if something goes into the car or on the fabric couch, the smells can also be eliminated here.

  1. Roughly clean the area of ​​vomit.
  2. Dab away the smaller residues.
  3. Put textile powder, baking powder or coarse sea salt on the area and leave for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Vacuum off residues, if necessary use textile spray or essential oils in addition.

Of course, you have to clean the affected area thoroughly beforehand, here it is important not to try to remove the vomit with a lot of friction, because that way the residue only gets deeper into the respective textile.

If you follow the steps outlined above, you will carry out a deep cleaning that also removes unpleasant odors.

Pets: How can you neutralize the smells of your four-legged friends?

Like us humans, pets need regular showering and grooming. This is the only way to ensure that your pet does not give off any unpleasant smells.

As a dog or pet owner, your own nose sometimes neutralizes itself for the smells of your beloved four-legged friend, but a certain hygiene, regular washing, mucking out and cleaning the sleeping area is already an important step for fresh, pleasant air in the household with animals.

The basket, cage and toys should be cleaned regularly.

But the gadgets and home remedies mentioned above can also help here. Plants and essential oils in particular are good at neutralizing animal odors.

If you mainly have carpet in an apartment, you should also clean it regularly with carpet powder.


Anyone who regularly cleans and takes good care of their house, car and pets can definitely prevent the formation of odors.

If, as a result of accidents or laborious cooking, strong, unpleasant odors still occur that settle in textiles and throughout the house, these must be neutralized.

Everyone has home remedies such as baking soda, coffee and vinegar at hand and can therefore neutralize some odors.

Sometimes, however, even larger aids such as room spray, special detergents or a diffuser are required.

What is certain is that there is the right solution for every smell and every nose, because smells can also be eliminated through plants, regular ventilation and the correct cleaning of textiles. If you know how, it's also very easy.

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