Are there similarities between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship

What is the difference between self-employment and entrepreneurship?

A question that online entrepreneur Maxim Bederov is asked very often. You can now find out where the difference really lies and whether you are self-employed or an entrepreneur.
I read a book many years ago that influenced me very much at the time. The book is by Robert Kiyosaki, a well-known American bestselling author and is called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

This book gave me a thought that impressed me very much at the time. Robert Kiyosaki spoke about the different roles of people in professional life: the employee, the self-employed, the entrepreneur and the investor. This is exactly the order in which you can develop.
At some point it is no longer enough to be an employee. You want to become independent. At some point you no longer want to be self-employed, but want to become an entrepreneur and at some point you want to develop from an entrepreneur to an investor. The exciting question, of course, is how all these roles differ from one another. Everyone knows what it means to be an employee or a self-employed person. But what is the difference between a self-employed person and an entrepreneur?

The difference between self-employed and entrepreneurs

The self-employed is someone who uses his energy productively. The more he works, the more he earns and the more successful he is in the end. Typical representatives of the self-employed are e.g. lawyers, doctors or people who either work alone or with few employees. If a self-employed person does not get to work, the whole business model collapses. This means that the business model is 100 percent dependent on the workforce of the self-employed.
Now the exciting question: “What does it look like with an entrepreneur?” Entrepreneurs are people who can multiply their workforce. People whose presence is not absolutely necessary for business to continue. In order to become an entrepreneur, besides the typical factors such as developing a good idea and the ability to follow one's intuition, there is certainly another ability that is extremely relevant: leadership.

Leadership is the most important skill of a successful entrepreneur

The entrepreneur must be able to build up a team, train it, motivate it and lead it to its goals.
The entrepreneur must do this in such a way that the team turns the company's goals into their own goals and pursues them even without the boss. This is the fine art of entrepreneurship, the multiplication of one's own workforce and the ability to evade the day-to-day business.


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