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Your personality type: Administrator (ESTJ)

"Your Personality Type: Administrator (ESTJ)" is an extraordinary reference work on the administrator, one of the 16 personality types ID16.

This guide is part of the ID16 series, which consists of 16 volumes dedicated to the individual personality types. They provide answers to the following questions in a detailed and understandable way:

* How do people think and feel who belong to the respective personality type? How do you make decisions? How do they solve problems? What are you afraid of? What is bothering you?
* Which personality types do you get along well with, but which do you not? What kind of friends, life partners, parents are these people? How are they viewed by others?
* What are your professional requirements? What kind of environment do you work most effectively in? Which professions best suit your personality type?
* What are they good at and which skills still need to be honed? How can they reach their potential and avoid traps?
* Which known people belong to the respective personality type?
* Which society embodies the most character traits of the respective type?

In this book you will also find the most important information about the personality typology ID16.

Table of Contents:
ID16 in the context of Jungian personality typologies
The Administrator (ESTJ)
- Profile
- motto of life
- Natural predispositions
- Similar personality types
- Statistical data
General character image
- perception and thoughts
- In other people's eyes
- compass in life
- organization
- Leisure
Social aspect of personality
- Among friends
- In marriage
- As parents
Work and career
- As a team
- organization
- Tasks
- Companies
- Supervisors
- Jobs
Potential strong and weak sides
Personal development
Famous pepole
The 16 personality types at a glance
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* “It's a shame I didn't know that 20 years ago. My life would look different. "
* “I got to know each other better. It was worth investing time for it! "
* "It was surprising to me, at the same time it helped me to better understand some of my feelings and reactions."

About the personality typology ID16:
The personality typologies based on the theory of Carl Gustav Jung, including ID16, are a generally used tool in educational practice, in coaching, in human resources management and in career and marriage counseling. They also provide a basis for numerous personal development and interpersonal relationship improvement programs. Jungian personality tests have become a standard tool used by the majority of global companies in recruitment and professional development processes.