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The WP companies with the highest turnover in Germany

PWC, EY, KPMG and Deloitte are the largest auditing companies in Germany, they are the Big Four. On average, the 25 top special stages in 2019 grew by 6.5 percent. The Big Four even rose 9.1 percent. The top 25 generate a total of ten billion euros in sales. Deloitte grew in particular with a plus of 17.5 percent and Warth & Klein Grand Thornton with 30.5 percent.


The auditing firms with the highest turnover in Germany

CompaniesSales in Germany in million eurosNumber of employees in Germany
1PwC GmbH, Frankfurt am Main 1)2.303,4011.809
2Ernst & Young Group, Stuttgart2.113,0011.124
3KPMG AG, Berlin1.920,0012.557
4Deloitte GmbH, Munich1.708,008.316
5Rödl & Partner GmbH, Nuremberg2641.970
6BDO AG, Hamburg 2)262,11.945
7Ebner Stolz PG mbB, Stuttgart252,81.539
8Baker Tilly GmbH & Co. KG auditing company, Düsseldorf1651.115
9Mazars GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg1581.315
10Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG, Düsseldorf 3)136,61.018
11RSM GmbH, Düsseldorf 4)77,9615
12PKF Fasselt Schlage Partnership mbB, Berlin58,8534
13Dornbach GmbH, Koblenz 5)56420
14ETL AG, Berlin 6)53,7513
15DHPG Dr. Harzem & Partner mbB, Bonn52,8464
16LKC Kemper Czarske from Gronau Berz GbR, Grünwald near Munich44404
17Falk & Co. group of companies, Heidelberg41,5377
18Möhrle Happ Luther Partnership mbB, Hamburg40323
19Curacon GmbH, Münster39,9318
20Bansbach GmbH, Stuttgart36,8271
21Solidaris / BPG group of companies, Cologne36,2321
22Moore BRL GmbH, Hamburg33270
23Dr. Kleeberg & Partner GmbH, Munich32,6225
24Fides Group, Bremen31,9325
25RWT Group, Reutlingen30,6248

Source: Lünendonk July 2020

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