Why are we restless about our life

Find inner peace: this is how you can do it

There are situations in life that drive people and make them nervous. Nobody likes this uncomfortable feeling, so the question is usually quite quickly: How can I inner peace Find? The restlessness is differently pronounced depending on the personality, just as the things that lead to it can be of different nature. For this reason alone, it is not possible to automatically say what works for whom. We investigated the question of how nervousness and tension arise and what tips there are for inner peace ...

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Inner calm definition: what does it mean?

What does it mean to have inner calm? What is meant is a state of serenity. It assumes the ability to deal with the challenges in challenging situations Calm down to keep your composure. This can mean several things:

You can be an example of good self-control because you have your Don't give in to anger right away, even if your colleague is driving you to white heat inside.

Viewed in this way, inner peace includes inner peace, peace of mind) the aspect of impulse control. Often, however, inner calm is also defined ex negativo: the absence of restlessness, i.e. stress, excitement and nervousness.

Inner calm means not completely losing the ground under your feet through incidents, but yourself withdraw to the inside and to be able to find the necessary rest there. What comes across as esoteric is ultimately nothing else than this: body and soul in harmony.

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Inner calm: that's why it's important

Many things can cause unrest. Exam situations are a classic example of this and probably everyone knows them: We are right before the Abitur exams or exam exams. Or you have to prepare for an interview.

In the job there are always situations that Nervousness and stage fright cause - presentations, feedback meetings or important negotiations with customers.

Even if there is currently chaos in life because, for example, an unpleasant event has occurred - the Loss of friendship, Unemployment, or financial worries, it is important to find peace of mind.

The opposite, namely restlessness and tension, can in the worst case Fear and headlessness turn over: We are no longer in control of our lives. Instead, one is driven by fear and makes mistakes that could have been avoided by looking at it calmly.

From this point it is only a small step for some people to become victims.

With that you don't just give the Control of your life, but also the responsibility. And who should be responsible for your own life if not you?

Inner peace: sayings and quotes

  • Leisure, not work, is the goal of man.Oscar Wilde
  • A field that has rested bears a splendid harvest.ovid
  • Peace, quiet, sofa and a cup of tea are paramount.Theodor Fontane
  • If you succeed in conquering inner peace, then you have done more than the one who conquered cities and entire empires.Michel de Montaigne
  • In the past, the noise upset people. Nowadays it's the silence.Ernst Ferstl
  • When your life has gotten difficult, just think about yourself for a day. This will get you more than just going on for a year.Arthur Schopenhauer

Finding inner peace: tips for more serenity

It's really annoying at times. Some people react blankly when they notice that certain situations may trigger anxiety or at least cause a nervous tingling sensation. You are the calm itself and seem to be master or mistress of the situation in every situation.

This is nice for these people, but not particularly helpful if you are of the other kind yourself. Pointing the finger at other people who are less relaxed in certain situations is primarily a form of ignorance and lack of empathy.

Fortunately, you don't have to get along well with all people. Those who are not good for you, toxic people, should be avoided if possible. However, it is important to be clear about certain things: Just as you can, to a certain extent, choose people around you, so can you actively deal with fears and characteristicsthat are more likely to hinder you.

Because inner peace is something worth striving for Well-being, health and quality of life brings. The following tips can help:

  • Recognize your stress triggers.

    In order to avoid stress and promote inner peace, it is important to know the stress triggers. Some people cannot handle pressure well, others are particularly sensitive to noise. The feeling of having to fight an overwhelming number of tasks on your own can also lead to severe tension. If you know your stressors, you have the opportunity to take action against it at an early stage. This includes saying no if you already have a lot of tasks to do and the supervisor comes with additional work.

  • Do relaxation exercises.

    There are a number of relaxation exercises that will do you good. Some of them may work right away, others may take longer to use. It is important that you get involved. Jacobsen progressive muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, autogenic training, meditation and yoga are a number of measures that help many people. Common to all methods is a form of slowing down and mindfulness. The application helps you to recognize your goals, values ​​and conflicts more clearly. At the same time, contact with body awareness is re-established and awareness of physical reactions is sharpened.

  • Avoid constant comparisons.

    To have inner peace means to be content. However, this satisfaction is at risk if you constantly compare yourself to others. Particularly unfavorable: Many people tend to compare themselves completely unrealistically with people who have completely different conditions. Of course, you can be jealous of your fellow student who, as a millionaire's son, owns a huge house and drives a sleek sports car. But does it get you anywhere? In very few cases such an approach is constructive. If anything, compare yourself to people who are not doing so well. Real gratitude is a guarantee for a happy life.

  • Drink tea.

    There are several remedies that can help relieve nervousness and calm down again. But before you resort to any valerian or St. John's wort preparations, you should first try ordinary teas. Warmth is soothing in itself and can be a good addition to a full bath (especially if you only have a shower) and / or a hot water bottle. In addition, you can use herbal teas, which are said to have a calming effect. Similar to homeopathy, ingredients are used that help at best, but hardly pose any risk of side effects. Ingredients are often hops, lavender and lemon balm.

  • Develop more confidence.

    Those who are plagued by stage fright and nervousness are above all insecure and do not know about their individual strengths. Instead, the weaknesses are often over-presented. Train your self-confidence and self-esteem by becoming aware of your previous achievements and strengths.

  • Prepare yourself thoroughly.

    Eliminate potential fears of failure by preparing yourself thoroughly. This includes starting early enough for an exam or presentation, getting an overview of the topic and developing a schedule of what you want to have worked on and in what time. You will gain inner peace through positive experiences that replace old, negative experiences.

  • Avoid perfectionism.

    Thorough preparation must always be realistic. Nobody can know everything and becomes rare everything demands. Often a limitation makes sense or is even given: This can be a time specification, it can also be a content specification, in that a certain aspect, a certain epoch or a certain region is examined particularly carefully.

  • Find the balance.

    There are many ways to find a balance to stressful situations and usually not just one is important, but several. Inner peace is achieved by reducing stress. To do this, on the one hand, you actually need external rest, for example in the form of walks, time out, vacation. But the opposite also makes sense: if the body is full of adrenaline, we cannot calm down. On the other hand, sport is recommended, because excess adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol are reduced in this way. Conversations with friends can also work wonders. Many people deal with problems and exceptional situations in this way. At the same time, you have the opportunity to experience a different point of view through feedback from a friend.

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