Are Jimin and Rose out

Chapter 3 (✅)

Korea December 2016
Lisa P.o.V

"Let's go!" We finished Boombayah.

Exhausted, I sat down on the floor.

Rose sat down next to me. "That was definitely one of the toughest training sessions we have ever had!".

"You say that after every workout!" Jennie reminded her.

That's exactly what I mean. We would have joked about it in the past.

Rose rolled her eyes. “Every training session is tough! It's almost like a booht camp! "She complained.

Jisoo laughed. "You wanted to become famous."

Jisoo was the only one who wanted to keep the mood here.

Suddenly the door to the training room opened.

Taehyung came into the room. "Hey, can we?" He asked.

Taehyung from BTS. Jimin's band member.

Rose got up. ,,Yes immediately. I'm just going to get changed quickly. ", She said.

We looked at Taehyung in confusion.

The one who let him in here in the first place.

And since when did the two meet?

He sat down next to me. "How are you?" He asked.

I looked at him briefly. "Well, I guess. Thanks and you?".

"Also very good," he replied and smiled happily.

"May I ask what you are making?" Jisoo asked.

Taehyung got up again. "Rose and I have a plan that everything will be the same as it used to be!" He declared proudly.

"You know about it?" I asked angrily.

,,Just me! I swear it to you! ", Taehyung said seriously and helped me up." We can do it, I promise! ".

I looked at him. "What can you do?" I asked.

Taehyung sighed. "Well that you and .. you know .." he muttered.

"There's no me and Jimin." I said, took my bag and ran into the changing room.

Rose looked at me. "I thought you were still training.", She said in astonishment. "You are training longer and longer."

I turned away from her and put on another top. "I train at home."

Rose sighed. "If anything call me. I'll get to you as quickly as possible. ", She promised me.

I smiled at her. ,,I know it. I think I'll go to BamBam later. ", I thought and threw my t-shirt in my pocket.

Rose hung her bag and walked out of the locker room with me.

My cell phone rang on the way to the dance room.

BamBam called.

I answered the call with a smile.

Lisa: What's BamBam? "

BamBam: Do you want to come to me, watch films and eat everything that makes you fat? "

Lisa: I just had training .. Can you pick me up at my place? "

BamBam: * yells * JAEBEEH WILL YOU PICK UP LISA? * speaks normally again * He will be there in an hour "

Lisa: Okay, see you then "

I hung up.

Rose looked at me. "What did he want?" She asked.

“I'm staying with the boys today. Watching movies and all that. ", I explained quietly and left the YG building.

At the moment I hated anyone who could give me orders here.

Rose P.o.V

“Your CEO will be there soon. Wait in his office. ", Said the secretary and showed us his office.

Taehyung took a deep breath. "You know what to say?" He asked.

We had rehearsed it at least thirty times.

I nodded and went into the office with him.

Since we were told that we weren't allowed to have a boyfriend, Taehyung and I almost fought for Lisa and Jimin to be together.

The only thing that kept Lisa from wanting to be with him was this contract.

We had thought a lot.

Taehyung and I met almost every day.

Secretly, of course, as I had to avoid headlines with men.

"What is Rose up there?" Ceo suddenly asked.

That's what we called him because he was logically our CEO.

I looked briefly at Taehyung, who nodded encouragingly.

"Please think about that with the contract. Don't you notice how it burdens us? We're only people with feelings, "I started.

Ceo sighed. “Rose, how many times have we talked about it? You are idols! You have to concentrate fully on your career. Believe me, Big Bang had to go through that too. The three-year deadline must be adhered to. Your fans come first! ".

Taehyung cleared her throat. “Mister Ceo, you know me and my band. We are also allowed to have relationships. Look at Jin, he has a girlfriend. Everyone knows and everyone respects it. The two keep in the background. If you look on the Internet, you will find at most two or three pictures of you. Why shouldn't Blackpink be able to do that too? ”He asked.

I was so grateful to him that he was there.

Ceo leaned over to Taehyung. “You have been famous for a long time. You know exactly how to stay in the background, "he said.

I got up. “You can't forbid us to do that! We are people with feelings. Yes, we are idols, but our fans definitely don't want us to be sad because they forbid us to be in a relationship! "

"Rose, you can make up your mind. Blackpink or Relationship ".

I looked at him. “No matter how much I love my fans. I choose the relationship. ", I said with a firm voice." If it's such a choice, I'll leave Blackpink! ".