What is the structure of a news report

Write a newspaper article

The newspaper article

In the newspaper report, unlike in the report, you have to pay particular attention to the fact that aroused interest in the reader becomes. This is mainly done through an interesting headline / headline and varied writing in the newspaper article.
Reports, news, reports, interviews, comments and letters to the editor can be found in newspapers.

Newspaper articles as well as the report are very similar in structure:

Content and structure






"What are the consequences ...?"



Also factual and value-free facts, the content is based on interest of the reader.

The structure of a newspaper article

The newspaper article is written more lively than the report. A heading - and usually a signature - form the content framework of the newspaper article. Also Paragraphs loosen up the newspaper report. Long and coherent text will put off the reader. This is why newspaper text is also written in columns (see example below). The newspaper article reports on the past. Therefore, write the article in the preterite.

In addition to the Heading a picture can also have the effect of an "eye catcher". Many people take pictures with short captions more easily than long texts. The reader is "seduced" into reading the text.

Introduction and subheadings

Introduction of the newspaper report
At the beginning of the newspaper report be as clear as possible the W questions as "hangers" answered. The first sentence (s) of the newspaper article is / are particularly important. Often also in the introduction source called the information.

Longer texts are often loosened up with subheadings. The reader's interest should not wane even with longer articles.

It is not important to describe the correct timing, but rather the understandable and logical structure of the newspaper report.

Main part and conclusion of the newspaper article

The main part of the newspaper article
In the main part of the article, the topic, which is already described in the introduction, is dealt with more comprehensively and, if necessary, with references and in a logical order.

The end

The end of the newspaper article can be ended abruptly after the important information. Particularly interesting variants are, for example, the rhetorical question (What can we expect next? Will this process be repeated?) Or a summarizing sentence at the end. After all, the newspaper article should be remembered by the reader.

The structure of the newspaper article

Example of the structure for a two-column newspaper article:

The content of the newspaper article

Mostly the newspaper article describes a current event. The journalist or editor also mentions the circumstances and possible consequences of the event.

The neutral, non-judgmental report in a newspaper article can also represent the opinion of an editor. Then referred to with the newspaper article as a comment, it is then referred to as a opinion marked. In order to get and keep the reader's attention, a newspaper article should be descriptive and satisfy the need for information.

Here you can practice the letter to the editor.
Compare also the report.

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