Why are Norwegians so attractive

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the whole country? If you don't ask about just one person, but about a whole nation, the correct answer would not be Snow White, but Sweden - because according to a survey, its inhabitants are the most beautiful of the Scandinavian countries.

What tourists from all over the world notice every year during their vacation in Sweden and what the macho writer Kurt Tucholsky wrote as early as 1931 - "Beautiful young women walked through the streets ... from an almost alluring blonde" - is now also statistically proven: The Swedes are the most beautiful in the north.

5000 Nordic singles took part in the survey by the Internet dating site Match, which is mainly active in the Nordic countries. It was not possible to vote for his own country. The verdict was clear: the people from Sweden were "aesthetically leading". 61 percent of the Danish singles surveyed said that Swedes are most beautiful in the north; 63 percent of single Norwegians found Swedish men to be the most beautiful in the north; Sixty percent of Danish men found Swedes the most beautiful overall.

According to the survey, the Norwegians are the second most beautiful Scandinavians, while the Danes made it to third place. Finland received the fewest votes from its neighboring countries. The survey reflects the picture from numerous private individual narratives. The people in Finland look interesting, but according to the current ideals of beauty, they are less pretty.

By André Anwar and Constanze Wüstefeld

Inquiry: There is no beauty formula for the plastic surgeon Prof. Noah

Mr. Noah, what is beauty?

Prof. Ernst Magnus Noah: There are many answers to that. The widely used phrase “that is in the eye of the beholder” is one of them. But current events also have an influence on what we call beautiful, as does the media: They use Photoshop, for example, to create ideals. In general, however, one can say that beauty is a certain kind of harmony.

Noah: The golden ratio is often used, which shows the proportions of individual parts, for example in the face. According to these calculations, perfect faces are often perceived as beautiful, but also boring: This was found out when people were shown pictures of faces that had been generated on the computer. And that even people are perceived as beautiful who do not meet these values, the supermodel Kate Moss shows: Her nose is actually much too crooked. The fact that it is still so successful is due, among other things, to the fact that beauty is also related to what kind of aura a person exudes. Every person therefore has their own beauty potential, there is no formula for it.

Nevertheless, one has the subjective impression that the pursuit of beauty has increased in recent years.

Noah: It is definitely noticeable that body modifications have become more present. This includes not only eyelid lifts or breast enlargements, but also tattoos, piercings and hair transplants.

Background: The cosmetics industry deserves that

Color for the hair, for the face and the nails: Those who do not naturally conform to the current ideals of beauty make themselves beautiful. If necessary, not only with make-up, but also with botox against wrinkles and silicone against physical decline. The industry has long recognized beauty as a market and is benefiting from the pursuit of beauty: According to the body care and detergent industry association, sales of decorative cosmetics rose by 3.4 percent between 2011 and 2013 to 1,439 million euros.

Sales of skin and facial care products also increased: from 2,789 million to 2,810 million euros. The cosmetics association VKE, which represents 60 companies specializing in medium and high-priced cosmetics, also reported higher sales in 2013: in 2013 it rose by 2.5 percent compared to the previous year to 1.963 billion euros.

From Constanze Wüstefeld