How do you spell Anomatopoee

Hey arnold!

Miss Slovak trains Arnold and Helga for the annual spelling competition, which has $ 500 in prize money. Helga is obviously the favorite for them ("I wish you both the best of luck. And Helga - don't spend the money beforehand!"). On the way home, Arnold and Gerald discuss what the money could buy. Arnold is very enthusiastic about a keyboard - the Tonmaster 2000. ("Five octaves, 800 megabytes of storage capacity, over 250 preprogrammed instruments!") Arnold is now determined to win the competition. Helga, on the other hand, is in a tight spot, because if she wins, she loses because her beloved Arnold loses, and if she loses, she loses too. Arnold starts studying in his room. Meanwhile, Big Bob is watching his new beeper commercial, in which he advertises that every customer will get their first beeper for free if Helga should lose on the weekend. Helga, who is already tired from studying, wants to go to bed, but Bob wants her to keep studying. She's a Pataki, after all! In order to build her up, Bob shows her in the trophy room all the prizes that Helga's sister Olga has won so far. Among other things, the spelling competition. For about the two thousandth time, Bob Helga is telling the story of how Olga spelled the last word - namely "Queue" - correctly. This cup was followed by more and more until the room was full of it. But Bob has left a tiny space for Helga's spelling trophy. When Arnold and his grandparents arrive at the competition, Gerald is already waiting for him there. Meanwhile, Bob Helga gives a lecture behind the stage about how all other children are failures and that she has to win, as it should be for a Pataki. As a lucky charm, Helga has to wear a medal from Olga, which is so heavy that Helga can hardly walk with it. The competition begins and all children are gradually eliminated except for Helga and Arnold. When Helga hesitates slightly at the word "chlorophyll", Bob decides to bribe Arnold to make sure that Helga wins. So he wrote Arnold a check for $ 500. Arnold takes the check, but then crumples it up and throws it away. Then he has to spell the next word - "Onomatopoesie" (the German word for this is "onomatopoeia", by the way). While the others cheer Arnold for having spelled the word correctly, Helga grabs the check that Arnold threw away and is disappointed to find that Bob did not trust her to win without outside help. So she chooses to lose on purpose. Your next word is "queue". Bob is sure that Helga cannot lose because he has told her the story of Olga so many times. So Helga begins to spell "Q-U-E-U ... X?". So Arnold won and got the $ 500 and a trophy so big Gerald had to help carry it. While Arnold is happy about his victory, Bob takes Reisaus in front of a crowd of customers who want their free beepers. Helga, on the other hand, is happy with the outcome of the story.