How do snakes eat rabbits

rabbits should be fed to snakes ... help!

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now my reaction would be straightforward, yes i'll take it.
and not I just rattle off all the forums and post where they can go.
so the little ones are safe in my office first, then I can think about what to do, I drive by the pet shop and get puppy bars, hay etc. and bring them to me, do I want to keep them or do I pass them on, I don't have them possibility / place I take you to a rescue center, animal shelter, ask friends, etc.

Hm, yes, of course, this is a normal way of thinking, but unfortunately not thought through to the end. Suppose she takes the animals in, although she has no space at home and also does not have the financial means to take care of them properly, let alone pay veterinary fees.

Remember, if there are 2 young animals, a general check, possibly castrations, vaccinations, fecal samples, etc. are required.
This can become very expensive very quickly and any treatments are not yet included.

So and now you have two animals at home for which you have no space and no money. A mediation can take forever, the animal shelters and emergency stations may not accept any because they are overcrowded during the holiday season.

And now?

Personally, I have often been tempted to take in sick or old animals, there would probably still be enough space, but with 9 partly old and sick animals, the financial limit has been reached. It hurts so much. So what would I do in such a case if I couldn't take it in and convey it myself? I would post them in forums in the hope that someone else has the opportunity to accommodate them appropriately and provide medical care.

However, in this case I have to say that Svezi could also speak up to answer one or the other question. Simply posting something with a request for help and then not getting in touch is not exactly nice either and the thought arises that this is not an urgent matter after all.
Greetings from Tanja and her 9 dwarfs!