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How well do your loved ones really know you? Our great questions are an easy and fun way to find out. We have collected the best How well do you know me questions for you to ask your friends, family, crush, or partner.

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How well do you know me

The following two lists of 40 "How well do you know me" questions are ideal conversation starters for any occasion. It does not matter whether you are out with your school colleagues, friends or your family, these questions from various categories are guaranteed to fit into every situation. The first list is full of basic questions and the second is full of funny “how well do you know me” questions.

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50 How well do you know me questions

  1. Who has the greatest influence on me?
  2. What is my favorite drink?
  3. What three things would I take to a desert island?
  4. How many children do I want?
  5. What is my favorite movie?
  6. Did I have a favorite restaurant as a kid?
  7. What's the longest book I've ever read?
  8. How much did my most expensive item of clothing cost?
  9. Have I ever been to summer camp?
  10. Who do I talk to most often on the phone?
  11. What was the best day of my life
  12. Do I prefer to get up early or go to bed late?
  13. What is my morning routine like?
  14. When did I learn to ride a bike?
  15. Would I ever adopt a child?
  16. What was the last concert I went to?
  17. What languages ​​do I speak?
  18. What should I be grateful for?
  19. What's my favorite series?
  20. When did I learn to swim?
  21. Have I ever tried illegal drugs?
  22. What do I love most about myself?
  23. What did I like as a child?
  24. Am I an Android or iPhone person?
  25. Do I have any addictions?
  26. What's my favorite genre of movies?
  27. What is one thing i hate
  28. Did I have any pets when I was growing up?
  29. What is my favorite food?
  30. What was my worst breakup?
  31. Do I like meeting new people?
  32. Do I have any nieces or nephews?
  33. What is my greatest fear?
  34. What does my name mean?
  35. Would I be more of a famous musician or actor?
  36. What do my parents do for a living?
  37. What is my zodiac sign?
  38. What is my favorite book
  39. Where do my parents live?
  40. What do I think of drugs?
  41. What is my opinion on equality?
  42. What would I call my first child?
  43. If I won the Nobel Prize, which one would I be most likely to get?
  44. What does the perfect day look like for me?
  45. What's my gnazer name?
  46. Where do I come from?
  47. Would I ever go to the military?
  48. What's my favorite candy?
  49. What color do I have?
  50. Where do I live?

50 funny how well do you know me questions

  1. What do I think of pineapples as a pizza topping?
  2. Would I rather eat a whole bar of chocolate or a packet of chips in one day?
  3. What was the most embarrassing moment of my life?
  4. Would I be more of a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff?
  5. What was the most illegal thing I've ever done?
  6. Which character from a movie or series reminds you of me?
  7. Would you ever go on a blind date?
  8. Which Disney character am I most likely to be?
  9. What always distracts me from learning?
  10. What's my favorite chewing gum?
  11. How often do you use social media?
  12. How do I look really stupid?
  13. What always makes me laugh
  14. How Much Money Do I Spend Each Week?
  15. Which word do I say too often?
  16. If my life were a movie, which actor / actress would me play?
  17. Which genre of music do I not like at all?
  18. If I could choose one thing, what would it be?
  19. Do I play any instruments?
  20. What is one thing i hate
  21. Where would I most like to travel?
  22. Which superhero would I be?
  23. What is my most embarrassing childhood memory?
  24. If I were an animal, which one would I be?
  25. What food could I eat every day?
  26. What is my favorite computer game?
  27. Did I have an imaginary boyfriend as a kid?
  28. Which alcoholic drink is closest to my personality and why?
  29. When and how did I find out that Santa is not real?
  30. How about the exact opposite of me?
  31. Between all the epochs that have existed so far, which one would I like to live in?
  32. What do I think of unshaven legs?
  33. What's the stupidest situation I've ever gotten into, where I almost died?
  34. Do I prefer to drink coffee or tea?
  35. How long would I survive in a zombie apocalypse?
  36. When was the last time I wet my pants?
  37. What is my favorite board game?
  38. If I lived in a fictional universe, where would I want to live?
  39. Which song would I choose if I had to sing karaoke?
  40. Do I prefer to go swimming or running?
  41. Have I ever fell in love with an animated character?
  42. What was the most inopportune situation I've ever laughed in?
  43. Have I kissed anyone in the past five days?
  44. What do you think, what did I do an hour ago?
  45. What weird habits did I have as a child?
  46. What is one thing i love
  47. Which fictional character would I like to marry?
  48. Would I rather be with a stupid or ugly person?
  49. What's my most annoying habit?
  50. What childish thing do I still like?

How well do you know me questions for couples

Do you ever worry about your girlfriend not listening to you? Or do you think your boyfriend forgets everything right after you tell him? Or maybe you also think that you put a lot more energy into getting to know your partner than they do? Then the following questions are perfect for you. So grab your partner and find out how well they know you!

50 how well do you know me questions for couples

  1. What was I wearing when we first met?
  2. Where would I like to spend my honeymoon?
  3. Are my parents still together?
  4. What always makes me laugh
  5. What subject in school did I dislike at all?
  6. How do you know when I'm having a bad day?
  7. What was the name of my elementary school?
  8. Which movie always makes me cry?
  9. What is my favorite place in the world?
  10. What was my mother's maiden name?
  11. How old was I when I had my first kiss?
  12. What's my father's name
  13. What turns me on
  14. What would make me jealous?
  15. Where did we first kiss in public?
  16. How many siblings do my parents have?
  17. What job would I never do?
  18. How do you think I deal with difficult situations?
  19. Do I have siblings?
  20. What do you think I fell in love with your mind or your body first?
  21. Have I ever lived with a partner?
  22. What is / was my favorite subject at school?
  23. What was my favorite sport as a kid?
  24. What is my take on an open relationship?
  25. Would I want to live with my parents when they get old?
  26. What's my worst secret?
  27. Who is more picky about food? You or I?
  28. What's my favorite smell?
  29. Is my family religious?
  30. What's the worst anger you had as a kid?
  31. What is my most embarrassing sex experience?
  32. How Much Honesty Do I Need in a Relationship?
  33. Am I more like my father or my mother?
  34. Where would you like to live in the future?
  35. If I could erase one thing on my future, what would it be?
  36. What is my ideal day like?
  37. What does my dream house look like?
  38. Do you think love can last a lifetime?
  39. Did I have a favorite teacher?
  40. What's my biggest nightmare?
  41. Where did i grow up?
  42. What did we do on our first date?
  43. How often do I speak to my parents?
  44. Would I describe myself as creative?
  45. What is my favorite word
  46. If our life were a movie who would play us both?
  47. Who is my dearest family member?
  48. What is the name of my mother?
  49. What always makes me angry
  50. When did you fall in love with me

How well do you know me for friends

We should all have gerene that our friends know us well. It doesn't matter whether you hang out with your lifelong best friend or a new acquaintance, the following questions about personal dreams and hopes, childhood and family are for all friendships. So grab your friends and take the unique opportunity to get to know each other better!

50 How well do you know me asking for friends

  1. Which countries have I already traveled to?
  2. Would I rather live in a big city or in the country?
  3. What always makes me nervous?
  4. Who was I in love with five years ago?
  5. How old do I look?
  6. What was my first experience with alcohol?
  7. Do I like costumes and disguises?
  8. How do I always feel alive?
  9. Did you ever suspect that I was gay?
  10. What is my dream job?
  11. Do I seem unsure about anything?
  12. Who is my current Celibrity Crush?
  13. What does love mean to me?
  14. How do I spend an ordinary Saturday night?
  15. How did I lose my virginity?
  16. What is my favorite song
  17. What is my favorite winter activity?
  18. Who is my dream man or woman?
  19. What is my greatest talent?
  20. What's the story behind my first kiss?
  21. How different was my life a year ago?
  22. What was the last movie I cried for?
  23. Would I ever kiss someone on a first date?
  24. What do I like to do on a hot summer day?
  25. Have I ever lost someone close to me?
  26. What was the name of my first pet?
  27. Which person do I hate?
  28. How old was I when I started dating?
  29. Have I ever cheated on someone?
  30. Would I rather spend a day with your parents or my parents?
  31. How long was my longest relationship?
  32. Do I have siblings? What's your name?
  33. Did I ever have to repeat a grade at school?
  34. What is my favorite piece of clothing?
  35. What's the worst date I've ever been on?
  36. What do I think of politics?
  37. Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  38. Have i ever dyed my hair?
  39. Am I good with money?
  40. Do I prefer cats or dogs?
  41. Which star would I like to meet?
  42. Who was my first love
  43. Would I rather be bigger or smaller?
  44. Am I left or right handed?
  45. Who was my first crush?
  46. What's the best decision I've ever made?
  47. Where would I like to go?
  48. What is my favorite genre of music?
  49. How did my last relationship end?
  50. What was the scariest moment of my life?

How well do you know me questions for families

Are you close to your family You are not sure Then find out! The following questions are family-friendly and ideal to ask your parents, siblings, or even grandparents. Just take a look at the questions and find out how well you and your family know each other.

50 how well do you know me questions for families

  1. Where do I see myself living in 10 years?
  2. Would I go out with someone who doesn't listen to music at all?
  3. Who is my favorite actress?
  4. What is my favorite type of ice cream?
  5. What is the most beautiful picture I have ever painted?
  6. What could I talk about all day
  7. What is my opinion on climate change?
  8. How did I deal with my emotions while growing up?
  9. Would I go out with someone who doesn't have books at home?
  10. If I had to move to another country, which one would I choose?
  11. What am I afraid of?
  12. Name three things I did today.
  13. If I don't finish eating in a restaurant, will I take the food with me?
  14. How old am I?
  15. Would I rather lose or gain 50 pounds?
  16. Who is my favorite actor?
  17. Am i happy with my life
  18. How did I meet my best friend?
  19. How Much Money Do I Make?
  20. What is my favorite restaurant?
  21. When do I usually brush my teeth?
  22. What's your first memory of me
  23. What is my favorite color
  24. Where do I see myself living when I'm in retirement?
  25. How long was I up last night?
  26. Do I prefer jeans or sweatpants?
  27. Who is my secret hero?
  28. What is my favorite weather like?
  29. What was my favorite toy as a kid?
  30. If I had to choose a new name, which one would I choose?
  31. What was it taking me too long to find out?
  32. How could i save the world
  33. What would I order from McDonald’s?
  34. What is my favorite city?
  35. Do i believe in zodiac signs?
  36. What do I like to do on the weekend?
  37. What are my secret talents?
  38. Have I ever fought
  39. Have I ever won an award?
  40. Do I prefer snow or sun?
  41. Who is my best friend
  42. If I could work in any company in the world, which one would I choose?
  43. What is my favorite sport?
  44. How tall am I?
  45. What was my favorite series as a kid?
  46. What is my favorite restaurant?
  47. What is my favorite season?
  48. Do i believe in aliens?
  49. Who is my favorite writer?
  50. Was was my first best friend?

How well do you know me questions to your friend

Do you think that you and your boyfriend know everything about each other? Every little detail in your life? Well let's find out. These questions are about your first memories together, your families and friends, but also your dreams and hopes for the future!

50 how well do you know me ask your friend

  1. What would be the perfect birthday present for me?
  2. Was I raised to be a believer?
  3. Who can eat more? You or I?
  4. Which star was I in love with when I was a child?
  5. Do I have a middle name?
  6. What are my dreams for the future?
  7. What's the first thing you noticed about me?
  8. How many people have I dated before you?
  9. What makes me special
  10. Do I Believe In The Supernatural?
  11. What is a negative memory of my childhood?
  12. How many exes do I have?
  13. How much time do I spend in front of the mirror every day?
  14. What was my role model in my childhood?
  15. What do I like best about your body?
  16. How did my last relationship end?
  17. Do i have allergies?
  18. What does my dream date look like?
  19. What is my great grandmother's name?
  20. When is my father's birthday?
  21. What is my first childhood memory?
  22. am I still friends with one of my exes?
  23. Who is my oldest friend
  24. What do I think of my parents?
  25. Is her name my great-grandfather?
  26. What do I think of marriage?
  27. Would I rather have a successful career or take care of the upbringing of the children?
  28. Where would I like to travel with you?
  29. What does my dream house look like?
  30. When is my mother's birthday?
  31. What is my shoe size?
  32. How do I drink my coffee?
  33. What was my nickname as a kid?
  34. Where was i born
  35. What is my favorite flower?
  36. Have I ever really been in trouble?
  37. What is my natural hair color?
  38. Who in my family am I not getting along with at all?
  39. Can i cook
  40. What's the cutest thing I've ever made for you
  41. What do I think of sex toys?
  42. What are my future plans?
  43. What position do I usually sleep in?
  44. What do I like most about you?
  45. What do I like to have for breakfast?
  46. Where did we take our first photo together?
  47. Do I just get jealous?
  48. How would you describe me in three words?
  49. If I could witness any event in the past, present, or future, what would it be?
  50. What is my favorite childhood memory?

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