What if Pewdiepie dies

YouTube star throws: This is now his wife and dog

PewDiePie, the world's most famous YouTube star, who also has many fans in Germany, is dying. At least the Youtube figure, what did you think?

PewDiePie dead ?! I guess that's a joke!

PewDiePie has died. More precisely, he will have died - this evening at 6:00 p.m. Because the over-star of Google's video platform Youtube wants to say goodbye to the world that made him great.

Whether the news is true - or whether it is just as much a ClickBait as our headline, will only be revealed this evening. We can well imagine that PewDiePie is not dead at all, pardon me, not saying goodbye to Youtube at all. Maybe he just closes one of his many channels. Or take a short break. Or he renames himself.

What is this actually about ?!

In case you are wondering what such a PewDiePie is and what he does all day - he, who is actually Felix Kjellberg, is 27 years old and comes from Sweden, lives with his wife and dog in London, films himself at Playing games and the more or less funny comments he makes.

He probably earns more than any German actor - maybe every German star at all. He made an impressive 15 million in 2016. Where does the money come from? Well - from the advertising revenue from Youtube, or its parent company Alphabet (formerly called Google).

So - do you care if PewDiePie (not Kjellberg) will give the temporal blessing tonight?

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