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In 10 steps to a successful Facebook company page - Part 1

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As a founder, you need one thing above all: direct contact with your target group. That is why you cannot do without a presence in social media networks. 75 percent of small and medium-sized companies have already recognized this and use social media for their public relations work, shows a study by the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences last year. This is where startups in particular can strengthen their competitive advantages, win new customers and advertise offers. The most important and probably also the most frequently used network by companies is Facebook.

In Part 1, you go through the first five steps to publish your Facebook company page, in Part 2 we explain how to make your page known. So, let's go!

Step 1: Register on Facebook

Before you can create a page for your company, you must have a Facebook account. So you have to log in to Facebook personally. To do this, go to the following page: and enter your user data.

Tip: You will soon notice: A network like Facebook relies on “personal” contacts. How you should deal with your personal account so that your company website is a success can be read in the second part of this technical text.

Step 2: Create a Facebook fan page / company page

You have your personal account - but of course you don't want to apply yourself, but your company. To create a new company page on Facebook, log in with your personal data and then open this link:

Here you first select the type of your company, run a ...

  • “Local Business or Place” for a regional business, such as a store
  • “Company, organization or institution” for your company with no regional reference
  • “Brand or Product” for your product or brand?

Now you have to choose the right sub-category for your company from the drop-down menu. Give the page a suitable name, the most suitable of course is the brand name of your company, plus address and telephone number.


Leaflet: Integration of social networks on commercial websites
with a sample formulation for the data protection declaration

The most important data about your company Facebook asks: Provide as detailed and precise information as possible - this will help your future “fans” to find their way around your site. In the 1st tab "About" it is particularly important: Enter a web address that you want for your site, that is

Tip: Your company Facebook page is already public - but all the important information is still missing. Therefore, hide the page for now: Click in the real column of your company page on the button "Edit page" and on the next page activate the option "Only administrators can see this page".

Step 3: Fill your Facebook company page with content

Now you should create a profile picture, this option is voluntary, but a good picture increases the recognition of your site. Make sure, however, that you own the image rights. The image should be a maximum of 200 pixels wide and 600 pixels high, saved as jpg and use small fonts, if you are using your logo - do without it.

You can also read what else there is to know about the correct profile picture on the instructions from the Facebook blog Here are 10 tips for the perfect Facebook profile picture.

Explain to your visitors what to expect on the Facebook page: To do this, click on the link “Edit Page Info”. In the left column you will find address fields, questions about the founder, the time of foundation, you can publish your products, awards or mission goals.

Tip: Use the network idea. Enter the professional associations in which you are organized, preferably with a link on their Facebook page. If you sell certain brands, you should also indicate them with the link on their Facebook profile.

Step 4: Edit your Facebook page settings

In contrast to your private Facebook page, for example, you will fill your company page with content that you want to keep consciously and, if possible, visible to everyone. This is where the much discussed presettings of Facebook, which deals very loosely with data protection, play into your hands. In the first step you do not have to change the data releases that you can find under the link “Edit page” in the second tab “Settings”. But it is worth taking a look and you should at least read it through, for example information on the age restriction and access rights on your site.

Tip: If the control of your data is important to you, you should read our technical text “Social Graph: How to protect your Facebook data from new searches”. Also important to know: You should also have a legally secure imprint on your Facebook page. You can find out what exactly needs to be included in our specialist text “Checklist: What needs to be in an imprint?”.

Step 5: Publish your Facebook page

You have designed your page and filled it with the most important data - just stupid that no one can see it. Because, you will remember, in step 2 you made the page invisible. Now is the time to change: Go back to “Edit page” and deactivate the option “Only administrators can see this page”.

Facebook company page part 2

Now you have to maintain your virtual network too. We will show you step by step how you can best proceed in 2021in part 2: “In 10 steps to a successful Facebook company page” it's about "making friends", keeping fans happy, advertising & growth.

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