What is Satan's last name

The four crown princes of hell
SATAN(Hebrew) adversary, adversary, accuser, lord of fire,
the inferno in the south LUCIFER(Roman) lightbringer, enlightenment, spirit of the air,
the star of the eastBELIAL(Hebrew) without master, wickedness of the earth,
independence in the northLEVIATHAN(Hebrew) the serpent from the depths, the sea,
the roaring seas of the west  ABADDONThe destroyerADRAMELECHSamarian devilAHRIMANMazdaist devilAMONEgyptian, ram-headed god of life and procreationASMODEUSHebrew devil of sensuality and luxuryASTAROTHPhoenician goddess of lasciviousnessBAPHOMETVenerated by the Knights Templar as a symbol of SatanBEELZEBUBHebrew Lord of the FliesBEHEMOTHHebrew embodiment of Satan in the form of an elephantBEHERITSyrian name for SatanBELIceltic god of hellDRACULARomanian name for the devilEURONYMOUSGreek prince of deathFENRISSon of Loki in the shape of a wolfGORGOGreek name for the devilISHTARBabylonian goddess of fertility (similar to Astaroth)LILITHHebrew female devil, supposedly Adam's first wifeLOKITeutonic devilMAMMONAramaic god of prosperityMARDUKGod of the city of BabylonMEPHISTO(Greek) "He who avoids the light"PANGreek god of lustSAITANSatan in the Enochian languageCOLLECTIVE(Hebrew) "poison of God"SETEgyptian devilSHAITANArabic name for SatanSHIVA(Hindi) "The Destroyer"