How do TV stations fight commercial skipping?

SuisseDigital is pleased about the decision of the National Council

SuisseDigital still has a million more TV subscribers than its main competitor Swisscom.

With today's decision on time-shifted television (replay TV), the National Council stipulates that the current form of replay TV is considered private copy and is subject to collective exploitation. This means that it is still possible to skip advertising without any restrictions. SuisseDigital welcomes that.

With 182 votes to 6 with 9 abstentions, the National Council deleted Art. 37a in the Copyright Act proposed by the Legal Commission. According to this article, advertising on Replay TV could only have been skipped with the explicit consent of the TV broadcaster. "We are very happy that the National Council decided on this matter with a sense of proportion. The population can now enjoy the popular Replay TV offers continue to use it without restrictions ”, says Simon Osterwalder, managing director of the business association SuisseDigital.

The Association of Cable Network Operators had vehemently opposed the anti-consumer article 37a, as this would have been at the expense of consumers, cultural workers and distributors. SuisseDigital is convinced that the TV stations would not have been happy with the article either. Osterwalder: "In my opinion, the National Council's decision is also the best one for the TV broadcasters. Forcing them to consume private copies of advertising would have been counterproductive, as the TV broadcasters would have lost even more viewers to the streaming services."

From the interest group Radio Fernsehen IRF, which had endorsed the deleted article, no comment was yet available.