What is the most cunning animal

#The most beautiful and cunning savage

In Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Reineke Fuchs", the title hero is quoted and accused before the lion King Nobel, the other animal subjects insulted, stealing sausages from them or seducing the woman. It was like that too. When things get to him, he lies about the bars bending - and smart and bold as he is, he manages to talk his way out by arousing the greed of others for treasures that he promises to show them . He knows his way around greed. When things get serious again, he and his wife wonder whether exile in Swabia might be the right thing to do, after all there are "chickens, geese, hares, rabbits and sugar and dates, figs, raisins and birds of all shapes and sizes". .

There we have the medieval-inspired menu of the opportunist as Goethe saw it - largely correct, if not entirely complete. The fox also eats fawns. Goethe is wrong about only one thing. Every fox stomach opened by a wildlife biologist contains something different, but goose does not. Goethe is wrong, but he is not alone. In 1824 Ernst Anschütz wrote “Fox, you stole the goose”. The song is a myth, fox you stole the chicken, it can at best be called. Because gander closely guard their offspring, you have to think twice about messing with them.

A distinguished guide to the underworld

"Give it back" (the chicken)? The fox can only laugh about that. Too late! Or as Roald Dahl's “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” says: “Always kill a chicken in one bite.” The fox has an uncertain stomach, but its 42 teeth are sharp and pointed and tear open its prey for sure. The fox is a predator living from Alaska to Egypt, smaller than wolf and lynx, weighing only 4.5 to 14 kilos, with a fuse that is half as long as the body of, which is up to 90 centimeters in length Vulpes vulpesbut a predator. "I used to steal birds but now I am a newspaper man." Journalism as a bourgeois livelihood is good for a while, and after relapsing, Mr. Fox justifies himself to his wife by saying that he is "a wild animal". We like to forget that.

In the wolf you can see the cracks in the sheep. The recently resettled lynx lives shy and hidden deep in the forest. Few see what foxes kill. Because the chickens that used to run around behind every house no longer exist today. The chickens fed the fox, so the people came after him. The further, it seems, a predator is to everyday life today, the more emotional the commitment to it. In this hierarchy of wild animals that are felt to be close to humans, the fox, which belongs to the genus of canids, occupies a special place. As early as 16,000 years ago, people were buried with him as if he had been their lap dog or the most distinguished ritual guide into the underworld. He is the most beautiful, cunning savage, which is why you want to lure him into the home of all people. Since the fables of the ancient poet Aesop, he also seems to provide the most interesting motifs of all animals for the anthropomorphization.

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