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In which cities is there additional funding for the renovation roadmap?

The funding from BAFA as part of an energetic renovation can be supplemented with further funding. These are primarily to be found at the state level. Occasionally large cities also offer their own funding opportunities for the Renovation schedule at. What are the benefits of these funding options, who is offering them and where can they be applied for?

When promoting energy efficiency, energetic advice is the first step. This will supported by the BAFA with up to 80%. This promotion of the individual redevelopment schedule represents one nationwide uniformly regulated grant represent.

In this article, we dare to take a look at the state and city level in order to discover funding programs for the renovation roadmap that can be combined with the BAFA grant.

Get additional funding for the renovation schedule

The federal states and major cities offer different options to support the state's own development and investment banks with subsidy programs. The respective funding primarily applies to the energetic improvement of buildings. So if you are planning to renovate your house energetically, you can hope for broad support to reduce costs. Still there are some Subsidies that take energy advice into account. The following summaries provide an initial overview of the funding.

Examples of promoting the redevelopment roadmap: Berlin, Hamburg, Baden-Württemberg

He plays in Hamburg "Hamburg Energy Pass" plays an essential role in the additional financing of a refurbishment roadmap. Homeowners who want to use a renovation schedule should contact IFB Hamburg. You can also apply for funding for the refurbishment schedule from BAFA as well as funding for the creation of the “Hamburg Energy Pass”. The subsidies for the SFP are to be increased to 90%!

Unfortunately, the program in Hamburg ended on February 29, 2020. At the moment, no ADDITIONAL funding for the renovation roadmap can be applied for. It remains with the max. 80% of the BAFA.

The “HeiztauschPLUS” funding program in Berlin is ideal for energy-efficient building renovation. The building-specific renovation schedule is part of the modularly designed funding for houses. The funding is organized as a grant with fixed amounts. Homeowners can apply for this grant from IBB (Investitionsbank Berlin). As part of the funding program, you can apply for a subsidy for the replacement of certain heating systems. This grant amounts to a maximum of 4,500 euros. In addition, the “HeiztauschPlus” funding program allows for a subsidy from the “building-specific renovation schedule (SFP)” cumulated with the nationwide BAFA program. So you can do the Increase grants for the SFP to 90%!

In the southern state Baden Wuerttemberg The Renewable Heat Act (EWärmeG) plays a major role for existing buildings. In order to comply with this law, on-site energy advice and the preparation of the BW renovation schedule are essential. For this purpose, funding from the state's own L ‑ Bank was launched. However, this was discontinued at the end of 2019. Reference is now made to BAFA funding as an alternative. So there is no additional funding here.

Request a free offer for the refurbishment schedule (iSFP) with BAFA on-site advice!

Other federal states and their funding for renovations

Bremen: The “Rund ums Haus” loan is a modernization loan for private individuals. The funds come from the KfW Bank and are processed by the "Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH".

Bavaria: The “EnergieBonus Bayern” funding program (“10,000 houses program”) offers additional funding for the installation of photovoltaic systems in private homes and can generally be supplemented with nationwide funding (BAFA or KfW).

In Brandenburg the energetic renovation can be promoted with the help of a loan or a grant from the ILB. It is aimed exclusively at owner-occupied residential property. The renovation schedule is not specifically shown here as being eligible for funding.

In Hessen homeowners can apply for a home loan. This is not an independent grant for the renovation roadmap. Nevertheless, it can be used for this under certain circumstances.

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania you can also apply for a promotional credit or loan. This loan from KfW is intended for the repair or modernization of existing buildings and can be used for corresponding measures.

Lower Saxony: An interest-free loan can be applied for in Lower Saxony with the energetic modernization in the context of private homes and apartment buildings. The NBank in Hanover is the appropriate contact for this.

Through the funding program "NRW.BANK.Gebäudesanierung" private individuals can in NRW apply for a loan for energy modernization measures. The renovation schedule is not planned here as additional funding.

A loan for the modernization of rental apartments is with the »Investment and Structure Bank Rhineland-Palatinate«(ISB). This includes in particular the promotion of consulting costs (in the sense of energy consulting, for example).

Saxony-Anhalt: The loan from IB "Sachsen-Anhalt MODERN" offers homeowners the opportunity to have energy-efficient renovation subsidized. This is done by means of an annuity loan of at least 10,000 euros.

Schleswig-Holstein: The development bank IB.SH offers a modernization grant of 2,000 euros for self-used living space. This can be used for energetic measures that save over 20% CO2.

The Saarland offers various funding programs to tackle energy-efficient renovation at low interest rates. There are no separate funds for the renovation schedule. Owners can only get various loans.

Thuringia: The "Thuringian Modernization Loan" (also known as the "Sanierungsbonus") is a grant for the repair or modernization of residential space that you use yourself. The grant is linked to income limits and various requirements. The Thüringer Aufbaubank is the point of contact.

When renovating an old building, a structural engineer is often necessary. In the case of a loft conversion for living space purposes, for example, the loads of the additional insulation for the house must be recalculated. A structural planner is also useful in the case of a wall or ceiling breakthrough. Here you can request a statics offer free of charge ...

Conclusion: Funding for the renovation roadmap in cities

An energetic renovation is a financial challenge for many homeowners. In which cities or federal states are additional funds available for the individual renovation roadmap (iSFP)? If you take a look at the federal states, you will discover numerous funding programs for sustainable and climate-friendly renovation or modernization. Differences are hardly noticeable within the countries.

In cities like Hamburg or Berlin, they are Extra grants for the renovation schedule Clearly regulated: The Hamburg energy pass or the “HeiztauschPLUS” funding program in Berlin enable additional funding for energy-efficient renovation. The KfW funding programs are suitable for various funding options (loans, credits, grants) within the municipalities.

Ask us for an offer for an individual renovation schedule free of charge. We take into account all of the above grants:

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