SPOILER Why did Daenerys kill Varys

Game of Thrones: Varys wanted to poison Daenerys - nobody noticed?

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"Game of Thrones" theory: Varys wanted to poison Daenerys - and nobody noticed

Arrrrrrgh. Uuuuuuuuuuh. Puuuuuuuuuuuh. In the fifth episode of the eighth season "Game of Thrones" there was another good death! (In case you didn't understand our onomatopoeic introduction: They were exclamations from the dying.)

If you haven't seen the episode "The Bells," now would be a good time to turn your back on this article.

As a result, Varys, the master of intrigues and conspiracies, had to believe in it. He wanted to depose Daenerys and lift Jon Snow to the throne. Treason! The dragon queen saw through the game and burned Varys.

So far a relatively straightforward plot. But there are two fan theories that suggest that many viewers may have missed something when Vary died.

"GoT" theory 1: Varys wanted to poison Daenerys

This theory is circulating on Reddit, and the US portal "Buzzfeed" has reported on it. A certain scene serves as evidence for the theory.

And we have to say: the evidence looks good. So good that some fans think it's not a theory at all, it's a fact.

Do you remember the dialogue between Varys and one of his little birds, a member of his spy network, at the beginning of the episode?

Varys: Nothing?

Girl: She doesn't want to eat.

Varys: All right, try again
during dinner.

Girl: I think they are watching me.

Varys: Who?

Girl: Your soldiers.

Varys: Of course they do. That's their job. What did I tell you, Martha?

Girl: The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

Varys: Go ahead, they will miss you in the kitchen.

Image: hbo

Varys, it becomes clear later in a conversation with Jon, has lost his trust in Daenerys. The food, the risk, the soldiers: the dialogue with Martha sounds a lot like the eunuch trying to bring his queen around the corner with poisoned food.

As a further indication, the supporters of the theory cite a quote from the first season of "Game of Thrones". At the time, Maester Pycelle said poison was the weapon of women, cowards and eunuchs. "Did you know that Lord Varys is a eunuch?" He said to Ned Stark at the time.

The quote suggests that Varys had used poison before. Pycelle was thinking of Jon Arryn's death. But one Reddit user is certain that the master spy has actually tried to poison a king: the mad King Aerys. The poison really drove Aerys crazy, believes the Reddit user.

Was poison also involved in Daenerys' transformation from dragon queen to mad queen?

That was not all...

"GoT" theory 2: Varys could still take revenge on Daenerys

This theory is also circulating on Reddit. A ring on Vary's hands plays a key role in this. Before his execution, there is a close-up of Varys pulling the ring off his finger. The camera setting gives the ring a lot of meaning:

Image: hbo

Why is it so important that the ring not end up at the stake with Varys? The theory ("Buzzfeed") says: It would not be the first piece of jewelry to kill a character in "Game of Thrones":

Image: hbo

It was Olenna Tyrell who, along with Littlefinger, killed Joffrey at his wedding using a poisoned necklace.

The only question is: how could the ring land on Daenerys' hand? Varys will need a helper in order to be able to take revenge on the dragon queen in death.

According to another theory, however, the ring could also be the payment for the little girl Martha. Then the first theory would be confirmed.

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