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Corona crisis - Switzerland is a risk country: can I still go to Germany? What you need to know now

Switzerland is a risk country: can I still go to Germany? What you need to know now

All of Switzerland has been a risk area in Germany since Thursday. What you need to know if you want to meet relatives, lovers or business partners in Germany now.

On Thursday, October 22nd, put Germany over Switzerland, together with Poland, almost all of Austria and large parts of Italy on the corona risk list. Starting next Saturday (October 24, 2020), entry is subject to certain conditions.

Anyone traveling to Germany from Switzerland is generally obliged to:

  • One negative corona -Test to submit or
  • directly into a 14-day quarantine to go.
  • The corona test result is allowed not older than 48 hours be.

The federal states and the state government have agreed on this regulation. However there is Exceptions in certain cases (see also below). For example, residents from Swiss border cantons can travel to Baden-W├╝rttemberg for 24 hours without having to be in quarantine. An emergency ordinance, which will apply from Saturday, should allow entry.

Important: Basically, the border controller decides whether you are allowed to enter. In addition, all travelers must observe the respective quarantine regulations of the federal states and register their entry there. It should be noted here, however, that there are no more checks at the border than before. This is reported by CH Media on Friday evening.

1. Rules for families

Different rules apply to relatives depending on the type of family relationship. As part of the nuclear family of a person who lives in Germany, you can enter Germany without any problems. To Nuclear family belong:

  • Spouses
  • registered partners
  • minor children
  • Parent or parent of a minor child

The following documents can be used to prove that you belong to the nuclear family at the border: Marriage certificate or Civil partnership certificate, Birth certificate, certified Extract from the family book or that Civil status register.

Relatives who are not part of the nuclear family are:

  • Adult children
  • Parents of adult children
  • siblings
  • Grandparents

If you want to visit someone from this list in Germany, you can only do so after the 14-day quarantine or with a negative corona test. But there are exceptions here too, namely for:

  • Births
  • Weddings
  • Deaths and funerals
  • special exceptional cases such as a serious illness of the relative in Germany, which means that this person is dependent on your support.

At the border you have to show that one of these reasons exists. An invitation or correspondence with a doctor, a hospital or an old people's home can be used for this purpose.

2. Rules for unmarried couples

If the partner lives in Germany, one may visit her or him in principle. These documents exempt you before the quarantine period:

  • An invitation from your partner and a copy of his or her identity papers
  • A statement from you and your partner about your relationship
  • Evidence of previous meetings, for example on the basis of passport stamps, old travel documents such as train tickets, shared photos, chats or posts on social media, letters or e-mails
  • If available: Proof of a joint residence abroad

3. Rules for business travelers or if entry is otherwise absolutely necessary

If entry is absolutely necessary for professional reasons or otherwise, you can generally do so without quarantine. This applies to, for example

  • Health workers, health researchers and elderly care workers
  • Foreign skilled workers and highly qualified employees whose employment is necessary from an economic point of view and whose work in Germany can neither be postponed nor carried out abroad
  • Transport personnel, such as in the transport of goods or people
  • Seasonal workers in agriculture
  • Seafarers for the purpose of transit so that they can reach a port of departure or an airport
  • People who need protection for humanitarian or medical reasons
  • Diplomats, personnel from international organizations, military personnel and humanitarian workers

The passport and visa regulations must be met at the border. Skilled workers must also present a declaration of employment, for example by means of a Employment contract. The employer must also certify in writingthat work in Germany cannot be postponed and is only possible on site. This certificate must also describe the work activity.

At business trips you should have this explanation with you, made by signed by both business partners must become. Business travelers can also enter the country if they have a Fair visit. For this you need the following documents:

  • At Exhibition exhibitors a confirmation from the organizer of your participation
  • At Trade fair visitors the admission ticket to the trade fair as well as the confirmation of at least one trade fair exhibitor that an appointment has been made for a business meeting on site at the trade fair

4. Rules for trainees and students

Everyone who is studying or doing any other training in Germany is generally allowed to enter Germany for this purpose. In return, the border control wants to see the following:

  • A visa for the purpose of training
  • A Confirmation from your instructor or your school in which it is confirmed that your physical presence is required despite Corona

As an exchange student, you can enter the country if your studies are not entirely feasible from Switzerland. Most German universities hold the 2020/21 winter semester in a mixture of online and attendance-based events. You do not have to show a separate proof of compulsory attendance, but the Confirmation of enrollment.

Boarding school students can also enter without having to be in quarantine. For that they have to Boarding school registration have along.

Unless you have to travel to Germany to get the proof of foreign professional qualification, that is also an exception. You also need a corresponding one for this Proof of the employer in Germany.

5. Rules for passing through

Who Germany on the Crossed overland route, must meet some requirements. Crossing means that you want to go to another country by car or train, for example on the way to Denmark. At the You have to make the border plausiblethat

  • the stay in Germany is limited to immediate transit and
  • entry into the destination country is permitted at all.

One is believable, for example, with the corresponding Tickets or one Certificate of destination country for entry.

6. Rules for shopping and other tourists

Exceptions are likely to apply to shopping and other tourists. A 24-hour stay in Baden-W├╝ttemberg should also be possible if you come from a Swiss border canton. This regulation should apply from Saturday.