Whoever has more helps Messi or Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo helps hospitals, Lionel Messi follows suit

Probably the two best footballers of our time are helping against the spread of the corona virus: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have made generous donations.

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is helping in his home country Portugal with generous donations in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The professional from Juventus Turin and his manager Jorge Mendes had supported the expansion of the intensive care units in two hospitals with "millions in donations", the Portuguese media reported on Tuesday.

The aid has now been confirmed by the hospitals, the Hospital de Santa Maria in Lisbon and the Hospital de Santo Antonio in Porto.

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The value of the donations was not disclosed. However, the hospital in the capital let it be known that the five-time world footballer and Mendes provide a total of 20 beds as well as ventilators and heart monitors, infusion pumps and syringes, among other things.

According to its own information, the hospital in Porto will get 15 beds and also numerous devices and equipment that are necessary for the treatment of people who have been infected with the Covid-19 pathogen Sars-CoV-2.

"There are very large donations that will certainly help save many lives", the head of the surgery department of the Santo António, Eurico Castro Alves, was quoted by the Portuguese media.

The hospital's intensive care unit should be named after Mendes and Ronaldo. The 35-year-old footballer has been in his native Funchal on the Atlantic island of Madeira since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis.

The number of cases of infection in Portugal exceeded 2300 on Tuesday. 30 of these patients have already died.

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As has now become known, Lionel Messi also supports hospitals in the fight against the corona pandemic. According to a media report, the soccer star has donated one million euros to two hospitals - one in the Catalan metropolis and another in his home in Argentina.

The hospital "Hospital Clínic" in Barcelona confirmed the financial support of the world footballer, but without giving an exact amount. "This donation will be used, among other things, for research and the purchase of ventilators to care for seriously ill patients," it said.

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FC Barcelona, ​​for which the 32-year-old has played in the first team since 2004, announced on Tuesday that it would make the club facilities available to the health authorities of the Catalonia region during the Corona crisis. You are ready to provide any help you need. Spain is one of the countries most severely affected by Covid-19.