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Starting a cleaning company - How to start your own cleaning company


Becoming self-employed as a cleaner - what are the requirements for setting up a business?

Professional requirements

In general, there are no restrictions on starting your own business with a cleaning company. This means that it is possible to start a cleaning company without any training or master's degree. Cleaning companies belong to the license-free trade that does not prescribe any formal quality requirements. However, if you want to set up a building cleaning company, you should note that the job title “building cleaner” is protected. To be able to call yourself that, you must have completed state-recognized training.

Professional requirements

The better you know the industry, the easier it will be for you to start your own business. Training as a cleaner or building cleaner is definitely recommended for founders of cleaning companies. Practical knowledge is especially important when making financial decisions for your cleaning company.

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What expert knowledge do you need for your cleaning company?

Expertise in the cleaning industry

The more you know your area of ​​activity, the better quality services you can offer. Use specialist literature to continuously educate yourself. Clubs and associations also provide you with information about the industry. With a membership you can also get to know other start-ups and exchange ideas outside of geographic competition.

Entrepreneurial knowledge

When you start your own cleaning company, you are your own boss. In addition to a great deal of responsibility for your employees and your customers, you now have to deal with accounting tasks: pay slips, the annual financial statements and tax returns fall within your area of ​​responsibility if you decide against an outsourced service provider. Attend business management seminars and talk to other entrepreneurs.

Learn from mistakes and measure your success

In order to avoid mistakes or to identify big "money guzzlers" early on, you should always keep an eye on your expenses and income. Make your successes visible: cleaning activities are comparable and follow certain prescribed procedures. Develop a work structure for your employees that is comprehensible and controllable. This is how you can carry out a simple quality assurance. You usually benefit immediately from these learning effects: If you make services measurable, you can negotiate prices with customers better, carry out more precise personnel planning and calculate more precisely when purchasing products.


Market Analysis: What Kind of Cleaning Company Should You Start?

The cleaning industry offers a variety of fields of activity. As a self-employed cleaning person, you are spoiled for choice, because basically all branches of industry are open to you. Since many of the market segments will already be highly competitive, you should - if possible - specialize. Common sub-markets are, for example:

  • Office cleaning
  • Cleaning of private houses and rental apartments
  • Building cleaning (e.g. hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants)
  • Facade cleaning
  • Stairwell cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning (storage rooms, production facilities, plants)
  • Cleaning of trains, vehicle fleets, airplanes
  • Construction site cleaning
  • Graffiti cleanings
  • Special cleaning (medical equipment, crime scene cleaning)

Get an overview of all relevant market segments before setting up your cleaning company. Your expert knowledge and a thorough market analysis should form the basis of a specific direction for your company.

When choosing your specialty, keep in mind that regular working hours can vary significantly in niche markets. Find out about possible approvals and regulations that you need to successfully gain a foothold in the field of activity of your choice.


Cleaning company as GmbH, UG or sole proprietorship: choose legal form

In order to be able to fulfill the dream of your own cleaning company, you must first decide which legal form is suitable for your company. Common legal forms for business start-ups in the industry are the GmbH, the UG (limited liability) or the sole proprietorship. When making your choice, please also note that the individual legal forms also differ in terms of taxation.

Learn more about the possible legal forms:

In principle, there are of course other legal forms available to you.

Instructions: How and where can you register your cleaning company?

During and after the founding, you have to register your cleaning company with various authorities and institutions. Here is a guide for you:

Entry in the commercial register

As a public directory, the commercial register documents entries on the registered traders in the area of ​​a competent registry court. The company forms GmbH and UG (limited liability) as well as various other legal forms require an entry in the commercial register.

Register business

Regardless of the legal form you have chosen, you must register with the trade office responsible for your company headquarters. If you open your independent cleaning company as a sole proprietorship, a simple business registration is sufficient. Here you have to define and describe your range of activities. After registering with the trade office, the tax office will automatically contact you for tax registration. As soon as your documents have been viewed and checked by the tax office, you will receive your tax number and can issue invoices.

Chamber of Industry and Commerce or Chamber of Crafts

The IHK or the HWK is also informed by the trade office. When registering a trade, membership in the IHK or HWK responsible for you is mandatory.

Trade association

Employers' liability insurance associations are the providers of statutory accident insurance for companies and their employees. Please register yourself with the responsible trade association. Even as a small business owner without staff, you are obliged to register with your relevant BG. If you are unclear which of the numerous BGs you have to register with, the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) will help you on the phone number 0800 60 50 40 4.

Federal associations

As the owner of a cleaning company, it can make sense to become a member of an association that represents your interests and those of the industry nationwide. Depending on which type of cleaning company you open, you can join one of the numerous specialized associations, such as the Federal Guild Association for Building Service Providers.


Location for success: where should you set up a cleaning company?

Thorough research is especially important when deciding on the location for your cleaning service. The competition, the number of potential customers and the labor market situation are, among other things, important factors for your decision. A competition analysis could look like this:

Basic questions:

  • How many competitors are there?
  • Where have your competitors settled?
  • What services do your competitors offer?
  • How many people do your competitors employ?
  • What are the prices of your competition?

You should always keep these questions in mind:

  • What services can I offer my customers (in addition)?
  • Who are my target groups and how can I address them?
  • How many staff do I need to get started?
  • Can I offer prices comparable to those of my competitors?
  • In what radius can I accept orders?

As soon as you have a detailed picture of the competition and your own opportunities, you should identify sub-markets that are not yet saturated and thus remain interesting for you. At the same time, let yourself be inspired by the competition. A proven business model could serve as a template for starting your own business.

A thorough location analysis also includes criteria such as rental prices, labor costs and many other factors. The individual weighting of your location factors is decisive for the choice of an economically sensible location.

You have chosen the legal form for your cleaning company, but now you still need help in coordinating all steps of the establishment? No problem: can also help here! Request a non-binding offer to organize your start-up now!

Financing: What are the costs of starting a cleaning company?

Put together a specific financial plan before you start spending. Please consider the following costs, among others.

  • Consultancy and bureaucracy costs in the start-up phase
  • Acquisition costs for your equipment: work clothing, cleaning products and equipment, vehicle fleet, equipment of the place of business
  • Costs for a website and initial advertising measures
  • Ongoing operating costs such as shop rent, storage costs, electricity and heating costs, IT
  • Ongoing material and personnel costs
  • Insurance for personnel, equipment, vehicle fleet and your business
  • Taxes
  • Financial reserves for unforeseen events


Anticipate costs in good time

Every beginning is difficult. When planning your finances, always keep in mind that a new company often takes time to generate income. You should be able to use your available capital to cover the first few months of your customer acquisition and marketing efforts. B. The loss of personnel or damage to your equipment should also be included in your business plan.


How do you find customers for your cleaning company?

Acquisition of new customers - Increase your visibility

Realize that you are not the first (and not the last) to start a cleaning company. It is therefore important to assert oneself against existing and future competitors in the market in the long term. In general, the easier it is to find you, the faster you will attract new customers.

Simple means can help you, such as a concise company name or an appealing logo. Your brand is an important recognition feature. Develop marketing strategies for different channels. You should be easy to find, from the business directory to your own website. Invest in a website that is clear and, above all, search engine optimized. The higher the density of competition in your area, the more you have to invest in promotional activities.

Moving forward with creative ideas

As a new company, it is very important to be noticed. Once this step has been taken, your creativity is required. Starting a successful cleaning company takes ideas. What distinguishes your business idea from other cleaning companies? Do you offer your customers additional benefits through an unbeatable opening offer? Do you offer a service that the competition does not have in the product range? Let your target group know about it! Also give your customers the opportunity to rate your service.


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