What is the friendliest country in Europe

The 8 friendliest countries in the world

In some countries I was not treated really well as a tourist. In other countries, however, I was welcomed all the more warmly! Here you will find an overview of the friendliest countries in the world.

Traveling means discovering great landscapes, marveling at the most beautiful sights, but also getting to know the locals better. There are countries in which this succeeds faster and countries in which you don't necessarily feel welcome until departure. Here is a list of all the countries that I think are the friendliest and where I have been welcomed with open arms by the people.


In no other country in the world have I been treated as kindly and courteously as in Iran. I was on the road in Iran with my sister and her boyfriend for four weeks and I can't remember any bad situation. The Iranians were really happy to see us and were very interested in us. We were always welcomed very nicely in restaurants and hotels. For the Iranians alone, it is worth visiting the country. You can find more exciting information about our road trip in Iran in my article "Road trip through Iran - My 13 highlights".


I haven't always heard a lot of positive things about the Indians before my trip, but on my three-week trip through India I was totally surprised by the openness and warmth of the Indians. India is loud, chaotic and dirty, but because of the friendliness of the Indians, it's all half as wild. I was often overrun by school classes and had to take what felt like a hundred selfies with the students. The Indians are very curious people and so I was often involved in small talk on the street or while sightseeing. I met hotel managers, was invited to dinner by strangers and even got a tour of the Ajanta Caves from an Indian family. For me, Indians are definitely some of the friendliest people in the world.

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Not many people travel to Oman and you can tell. The locals are still very natural and hospitable. They are still happy about tourists and do not want to pull the money out of their pockets. A few times we were invited to have tea and were always a little suspicious. We always waited for the bill, but it never came. Oman would definitely only be half as beautiful without the Omanis. If you want to know which sights I liked best in Oman, visit my article "Oman - The 16 best sights".

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I was in South America for five months and for me Chile was the most hospitable country on the continent. No matter whether young or old, I got to know a lot of nice people who really enjoyed talking to me and showed interest in me as a person. I felt welcome in the country and felt very safe too. I can still remember a family that had a child named Helmut or a pensioner who took me into their home and told them about their terrible past. Memories that will last forever. You can find more information about my Chile highlights in my article "Chile from North to South - My 9 Highlights".

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I was traveling in Southeast Asia for almost five months and felt most welcome in Vietnam. Similar to the Indians, the Vietnamese are a very curious people who are not afraid to speak to you and make small talk. Be it in hotels, restaurants, in buses or on tours, the Vietnamese have always been very friendly and courteous. I will still remember the one day I spent with five Vietnamese students who spoke to me on a park bench in Hanoi. Journeys are made for just such moments. You can find more information about my Vietnam trip in my article "Vietnam - My 8 Highlights".

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Japan is a fascinating country. Great sights and culinary delights make Japan one of my favorite countries. But without the Japanese, Japan would not be Japan. I have never met such considerate people. You'd really think that the Japanese wouldn't harm a fly. They always have a smile on their face and bow very often. They also like to say thank you. As a tourist you just feel good, even if you don't get very far with the English language. If every country were half as considerate and courteous, we would have a more peaceful world.

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Australians are cool, open, funny and always ready for small talk. That's why, for me, Australians are among the most hospitable people in the world. Our trip started in Sydney and already there we were welcomed by our Airbnb host Marilyn like two long-time family members. My sister was even given a dress in a shop in Sydney and we also met very nice and helpful Australians on our four-week road trip through the country. You can find more exciting information about our road trip here.

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For me, the English are some of the friendliest people in Europe. I spent two months in three different host families and was warmly welcomed. The British humor is really unique and always brings a lot of atmosphere into the house. The English are always up for fun and are always well received with their relaxed manner.

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