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Destiny 2's PvP is in ruins for many - save it or let it die?

PvP is not doing well in Destiny 2. PvE gamers chronically hate it, and the Crucible enthusiasts are really angry too. Bungie is now trying to rescue it, but is it even worth it?

The special situation: How Destiny 2 players spend their daily custodial lives can be very diverse. Browse through the different locations in a relaxed manner and do a few quests for new exotics. Fight each other through missions solo or in a team and rise in level. Or rather test your loadout for endgame suitability in raids or in the acid test.

Guardians can also compete against other Guardians. PvP is played in the Crucible or partly in the Gambit (PvEvP). PvP often plays a much more prominent role in Bungie's loot shooter than in comparable games. The Divison has the Dark Zone and PvP arenas, okay - but Anthem, Borderlands and, more recently, Outriders, PvP is not an issue. The focus is clearly on the cooperative "knock it down together" experience.

But it is precisely the tightly interwoven PvP that always worries the players of Destiny. And right now the guardian versus guardian fights are really not going well. MeinMMO wants to hear your thoughts on the Crucible and how Bungie should handle it. Before we get to the survey, let's briefly look at the topic.

The fun mode that has only brought frustration since Destiny 1?

This is the PvE review: If a new exotic quest calls for a trip to the melting pot, a lot of Guardians are guaranteed to feel trodden on. And those who play Destiny primarily as a PvE shooter. They hate competing against others and find it unreasonable that Bungie is constantly pushing them into PvP.

Anyone who wants to save the Destiny universe from aliens, gods and time-traveling robots is understandably annoyed about suddenly playing a mode for the new super weapon that they don't feel like playing. On MeinMMO, too, we always read your frustration in the comments (and have been since 2014).

Only because of the alleged fun mode, the whole PvE was patched to the ground and thus the soul of the game was killed.

Tomas Stefani via MeinMMO

The second big point of criticism, which we also regularly read in the comments, is that PvP destroys PvE (also since 2014). In order to maintain the balance in the crucible - which for many does not exist - Bungie regularly pulls out the nerf hammer and weakens excessively powerful weapons.

Often this meant that the said weapon then also became weaker in PvE. Instead of a butcher of gods, the keepers then held a toy gun in their hands. Here, too, the criticism is understandable. A mode that you only go to for quests should be responsible for the fact that your hard-fought favorite weapon has now become weaker?

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Crucible enthusiasts feel like 2nd class Guardians

This is why PvP guardians are mad: One might think that only the PvE guardians rail against PvP. But the melting pot enthusiasts in particular have been raging the loudest lately. In Destiny 2, players are now rebelling against PvP - why?

  • There have been no new maps for PvP for over a year. Some were even removed with the Content Vault. While the PvE guardians have recently been treated to treats like a scary ship and a new strike, there is no change in sight in the melting pot.
  • Especially on the PC, the cheaters are said to be unrestrained and the PvP endgame (trials) even had to be canceled twice in the current season 13 due to dishonest machinations.
  • The trials also have other problems that make the mode less attractive for “normal mortal” players. Unless the new super weapon is being given away, so to speak.
  • There is stagnation in the iron banner event, instead of fresh loot there are only re-skins of old shot irons.
  • Balance is also a perennial issue. Many of the Guardians who like to be in PvP complain about the new stasis abilities. For months, either you play stasis yourself or you lose.
  • There is also always the same meta criticized. The shotgun slides and pump hops that seem to have grown together with Felwinter's lie are particularly hated.

In short: PvP players feel neglected by Bungie. And like the PvE custodians, they have every right to be pissed off. Especially now that the current season has shot up a large part of its content powder for PvE, the melting pot should actually offer incentives to play Destiny 2 in the doldrums. Or should he ...

Bungie is committed to saving the crucible

After a long silence, the Destiny developer has spoken. With the big plans for 2021, the new boss, Joe Blackburn, also addressed the melting pot. It is particularly noteworthy that Bungie now really differentiates between PvP and PvE balance. We can also follow the long-standing wish very well in the latest patch notes.

This is yet to come or has already happened to save PvP:

  • Quest for new weapons leaves you free to choose whether you are in PvE or PvP (or Gambit)
  • They want to take care of trials problems (for example three-peeking) and have already brought new, really hot loot.
  • Deploy a security team twice the size to make cheating harder. In addition, legal action is already being taken against cheat sellers.
  • One has already reacted in the case of stasis. A number of patches and adjustments for the nasty ice skills have now arrived.
  • In the future, the dusty light classes should be brought into shape in order to be able to keep up with stasis (also in PvE).
  • In the last iron banner, the players were used as laboratory rats for a new algorithm.

Should experts judge it? In addition, it seems that Bungie is now getting help from PvP professionals in the community. A secret meeting recently took place, attended by streamers and content creators who speak of a “rosy PvP future”. We also read statements like “Bungie really listens and actually does something” on Twitter.

What is really there remains to be seen. Some of you also voiced concerns on MeinMMO because not everyone feels their interests are well represented by a professional or streamer. Some even blame the streaming celebrities for the current state of PvP.

Now we need your opinion

If you were on the trigger at Bungie, how would you deal with the ongoing controversy of PvP? MeinMMO wants to know that from you in a survey.

This is how you participate: Only one vote is available to each reader. So make a good choice from the 6 options. Tell us and the other Guardians why you voted that way. You can also post your own ideas on how to save the Crucible in the comments.

Have fun with the survey and thank you for taking part!