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Balinese massage for harmony in all situations

Advantages and disadvantages as well as the treatment with the Balinese massage

Balinese massage, also known as Bali massage, is a very interesting massage, both in terms of its effects and its history. It is easy to learn as Pijat Tradisional.

In general, the massage in Bali and in other regions of Indonesia is a traditional healing method. In the original it is based on the Asian massage and has deep connections to Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic therapies. There are two different types of massage: Urut and Pijat. While Urut is used for medical treatments and masseurs have to have knowledge of acupressure and acupuncture points as well as neuralgic nerve tracts, Pijat is easy to learn. This form of Balinese massage requires less technical skill and is passed down from generation to generation in Indonesia.

Balinese massage: instruction

Even inexperienced people can be instructed relatively quickly. The techniques mainly consist of long strokes with the palms, fingers, thumbs, or fists to loosen tight muscles. The masseur can adjust the pressure individually.

So it is not difficult to learn the Balinese massage in Cologne. However, “learning Balinese massage” also means having a solid knowledge base. Because massages exert great strength and strong energetic influence on the entire body. Therefore, under certain circumstances, massages should be avoided. These include fever, infectious diseases, skin diseases, burns and unhealed wounds, the time shortly after an operation, a tendency to thrombosis, phlebitis and extensive varicose veins. It is also not allowed to massage directly over bruises, inflamed injuries and newly healed broken bones. In the event of pregnancy, severe heart disease, tumor diseases and during chemotherapy, the attending physician must be consulted beforehand. It is also helpful to know that, depending on the tension in the muscles and the strength of the grips, you may experience slight muscle soreness after the massage. But applied correctly, there are many advantages.

Balinese massage: effect

The Balinese massage is a tissue massage with soft to hard pressure, in which techniques such as kneading, long strokes, mobilization of the joints, stretching and acupressure are used. The combination of gentle and deep tissue massage with energetic work creates deep relaxation and loosens tense muscles. Stress is reduced, blood circulation and tissue metabolism are improved and harmony in all situations is restored. For example, the Balinese massage relieves stress, headaches, insomnia and digestive problems. It helps with tension and back pain.

In part, the effect also depends on the oils used. Because in addition to the base oils, essential oils such as peppermint oil can also be used. This has a positive effect on muscle fatigue. But the follow-up treatments also have an effect.

Balinese massage: procedure

So that the oils work better, the Balinese massage in Indonesia begins with a full body wash. Then the client lies down on his stomach and the masseur focuses on the right foot and the right leg. Then he repeats the massage on the left. This is followed by a back massage. First of all, the acupuncture points (inner and outer bladder meridians) are pressed from top to bottom. This is followed by oiling and then working on the back and shoulders with their various areas using techniques such as brushing, kneading and fisting.

Then the client lies on his back. The masseur oils the right leg, massages it and repeats the massage on the left side. A massage of the abdomen is omitted as this is traditionally one of the intimate areas. The masseur moves to the right arm and the right hand. This is oiled, painted, massaged and stretched before it is the turn of the left arm and left hand. Then, if desired, the face, head and neck can be taken into account. The Balinese massage comprises a total of 95 steps before the follow-up treatment with body peeling (e.g. Lulur), body pack (e.g. Boreh / Parem), steam bath or flower bath.

Balinese massage German

However, modifications are also possible. For example, in Germany, instead of washing your whole body, washing your feet is common. Also, only individual areas such as the back or extremities can be massaged.

The massage of the face and head can also be easily outsourced. Because this is already a variation that corresponds to the local culture. In Asia, a head and face massage is not part of a full body massage.

Balinese massage: training

All of these aspects are taken into account as part of our training in Cologne. As a result, the graduates of our associated courses can not only use the Balinese massage effectively, but also according to the cultural background of their clients, so that they can optimally develop their wellness character.

In addition, we include many other useful points in the training. This includes correct posture. In this way, our students learn how to get the power for the massage from their entire body instead of just from their arms. This enables them to practice their profession on a permanent basis. In addition, we also impart basic entrepreneurial knowledge so that our graduates can also put their professional future on a broad basis.

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