Someone hates Jimin

Chapter 2 - Like or Hate?

"You doctor my hand," says Jimin and simply pulls me out of the dining room and drags me behind him. "Jimin," I call his name and can barely keep up.

He opens the door to the bathroom, closes it behind us and immediately pushes me against it.

"Jimin", I repeat his name and want to leave when he suddenly puts both of his hands between my head. "Where are you going?" He wants to know from me. "In my room," I answer him and look into his eyes, which turned out to be a mistake.

His brown eyes look at me like he's trying to figure out what I'm thinking.

Suddenly there is silence and then I hear a click. I look down and see Jimin's one hand on the door handle. "You locked the bathroom?"

He grips my chin with one hand and forces me to look at him again. I see a grin on his lips. “Yes, it's my house after all and I can do what I want there. I can even take what I want from me, "he rumbles into my ear and comes threateningly close to my lips.

I screw my eyes tight. Trying to push my head to one side so I can avoid his lips, various things rush through my head in the process. But they are suddenly disturbed by the pulling and shaking of the door. "Jimin open the door," I hear his father's voice and he doesn't sound very pleased that the bathroom is locked, in which Jimin and I are in.

Jimin immediately pushes me away from the door and opens it. His father looks inside. His gaze wanders to me and then to his son. "You can have anyone, but not your own sister," he growls at his son and blows him a slap.

I flinch and look at Jimin. He's bowed his head and doesn't say a word. His father slaps him in the face again. "Please keep your fingers with you, you bastard," he hisses at his son, waving his index finger in front of his son's face like a madman. "If you touch it just once, I'll send you to the boys' boarding school right away," he threatens him.

After these words, I guess that's all been said, but suddenly Mr. Park strikes back and hits Jimin hard in the face. "Be BRAV," his father growls for the last time and disappears from the bathroom.

I am frozen for a few seconds, but then I pull away and walk over to Jimin. "Are you okay?" I ask him and want to touch his cheek when he slaps my hand away from him. "You heard. We mustn't touch," he snaps at me and runs out of the bathroom.

What kind of fucking father would beat his son and threaten him with boarding school? I thought my dad was an ass, but this one is totally sick, I think to myself and shake my head. Somehow I feel guilty that Jimin was beaten because of me.

I take a deep breath and go to my room. I decide to talk to a friend of mine in New York a little.

I throw myself on my bed and pull my cell phone off the dessert and call my girlfriend. It takes a while for someone to answer the other end of the line. "Who the hell is getting me out of bed so early?"

"The devil Anna personally!" I joke and then suddenly I hear a loud rumble. "What's going on in Mai?" I ask my friend. "I fell off the bed," she replies and then I hear another rumbling. "Don't you tell me you fell off the bed again?" "Yes, I am," and we both have to laugh out loud.